10/10 Kingdong Experience


(if you come here just to rant about the title, kindly fuck off)

So I am assuming most of you have read about the Jayixthen wars. And a good majority of you have taken quite some interest in it. So I am perdy happy to tell you all that we have recreated the Jayixthen wars. We have a server up n stuff on Minecraft, we have everything all set, we just need more people to populate the server with Kingdoms. We need a total of 11 more people, then we will be good. If you only have a mobile device, this is a pc server only, dont bother whining about it, go play Samurai Wars. If you want more information, we talk about it a lot on the Samurai Wars Discord: https://discord.gg/PKE6NVc (Volbeat and KSE, if you rejoin you will be banned). If you have a PC or Mac with Minecraft on it then you are welcome to join, we will send you a mod list n shit, but as far as learning how to install everything, that is for you to figure out. You have access to the internet for Christs sake.


Dont be harsh i remember the time when i made my first email account xD


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