3v3 or maybe 4vs4


I think it would be very fun and in my opinion would definitely help out picking off the players who just can’t keep up with certain players and force them to work their skills more and gain more players in the end


3v3 and 4v4 already works with map hosting. In fact there’s no limit, other than the fact that total army size is the same so you get fewer units per player. If there’s interest I might do a quick fix for a minimum amount of units per player.


Wait, how do I host map, or even save it? I dont seem to quite get it… S.O.S.


Saving is not implemented yet :grimacing: Hosting your own maps works now, and is a premium feature available with Early Access. Sign up on Patreon, https://www.patreon.com/samuraiwars, you can pledge as much or as little as you want. That will also give you access to the desktop version.


Yes, I think adding a minimum troop number is a good idea. There should be a minimum number and a maximum troop number the the players can set before the match. Or choose to leave one or both blank, giving it a random nature.
On the note of randomness, there should also be an option for the troop types to be randomized. This would create some advantages and disadvantages in the battle leading players to have to improvise with placement, movement, and terrain tactics.


Or having a set of rules before the match. Is “host” staying for ever as a premium feature? If it is not, then this is what could happen:
Host Match:
^Game Rules
*number of units
*number of players
+invite players
*banned players
*blah blah blah, other “rules”


This shit is never going to get done


? Why you say that man?


@nikodil Do you know about when the minimum troops will be implemented. I just wander because you said it was a quick fix.


can I jion


Alright, will take a look at this next.


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