5v5 battles map


I can’t see the map on 5v5

@Bigboom789 @nikodil


I saw that on beta mobile doing anything outside the normal que would disrupt the map. Especially when before you start a match and you remove or add players the mao would get disrupted.

Also since he reported a bug I will too.

Anytime you add a large amount of troops say 100 units. Then some of the times when you start the match the units go off screen and die. When all that needs to be done is move the start point of a few inches.


that is the glitch i was referring to but that is like 1/3 or like 2/3 of the time but when it works it is a epic match.


Ok thx :grimacing::sunglasses::tired_face:


How do I join


U have to have paetron to do 3v3 4v4 and 5v5 and to play on custom maps :world_map:


How do you become a patreon?


Go on line, its easier. https://www.patreon.com/samuraiwars


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