A dear mensage to all the developers


fist just want to send the developers to hell, second just wanna say that you guys destroyed the game, when i beggun playing there was not so much bugs, the mechanics were good and there was no bugs !!! and you guy really fucked it all. updates were suppost to make the game better but you manage to do the oposite. i had lost so many go games 'cause of bug that my patience just run off. my units get stucked my camera get stucked the app just goes down in the middle of a game… i can’t even report 'cause it happens like every day and don’t say me that it’s my phone’s problen 'cause i have used like 5 different phones by this time, i can’t even see the txts when i type in the middle of a game !!! so congratulations you guy just fucked up the game


It does crash 4 me every now n then but not so drastic the game is a little buggy but not 2 much of a problem just the extreamly close manual lock setting is buggy sometimes it doesnt lock on targets and either leaves my units still and doesnt move them leaving them exposed but give the developers slack im sure sure it aint easy 2 run ths platform across multiple devices not to mention its free truly free n doesnt have a million ads like every single app ive ever downloaded exept ths one mabe u dont have good internet service in ur area making online gaming difficult but i realy dont know i just know multiple movement Feature helps with all that close lock micro manegment bug when ur units are bubbled and u send thm to another unit they autamaticly lock on enemy target alowing all ur units to attack units 2 gether rather then manually tryn to lock on targets it will solve ur problem if thats what ur taking bout. Ive played u and noticed u didnt use multiple movement Feature if u did u definitely be a formidable opponent


@Shinobi_BR STFU you whining baby :skull::skull::skull: