A login score keeping system


Mabe something like when you login it keeps total wins and losses and mabe be able to clear it on own discretion so we arnt labeled by are loses or if we have a self challenge to get more wins then loses or reach certain wins


I think it would be interesting if this games had regular matches and ranked matches. The ranked matches would have a score board at least. Ranked matches could also have a separate que, but that starts complicating things.

If I remember correctly I believe the creator was against a scoreboard at this time. The game just isn’t ready for something like that. Even if you did have a good score that wouldn’t necessarily mean that you would he able to find other similarly ranked players. Creating a matchmaking system is much harder and more controversial (e.g. TF2). As it stands, posting victory screenshots in your clan is probably the best way to let other players know your prestige.


It’s funny cause when I started the whole screenshot victories on my clan thread

I got soo much jazz from other high rank and even low rank players
(Rank =Experience) which they will not be mentioned but you know who you all are …

More though through discord…but hey that’s how I kept things :100: too many flakes on here that hate to admit to a loss