A river crossing


I have created a map to do a great river crossings. It will be a two vs two. A defending force and a attacking force. The defending force will have a defensive position with hills as walls. But to make it more balanced the defending force will have troops as reinforcements off to the side in the ocean to represent men coming from a crossed the sea. The defenders will be able to use the men after 3 min. And have a small patch of forest in the middle of the defence that they must hold. If the small patch of forest is taken by the attackers the defenders lose. If the attackers all die the defenders win. If you wish to join me plz say so and give me a time you are available and your time zone so we can arrange a date and time. This will be a fun event for mature players who will wait till the defenders and attackers are al set up.


I wouldn’t mind playing. Do you have discord? Im in the eastern standard time


I wanna play
Me want to play


Just kidding I want to play


Sounds fun. I am in pacific time as well. Here is the discord channel: https://discord.gg/vnFyB
We can do a voice chat there. I am free almost every day in the evening.


Ok all full guys normac u will be defending with me. Justice and dragon will be attacking.


Ok when mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm


Give me a break general


Normal im free at four.


I’ll play with you I like roleplay


When are we playing. -I’m Justice’s other account


Oh I guess I was logged onto this sorry


Can we make 4:00 PCT on Friday work?


Yes it works for me