Addition to the art of war


this is how infinry unit should protect archers archers should be put on high perches or ground use map editor 2 find high ground on certain maps the light and dark colors on turrain mean change on ground surface

fighting 2 close to projectiles can sometime times cause them to route(run away) so its better to meet enemy infintry slightl in front of projectile units but be sure not 2 shoot ur guys in the back hault ur fire or aim it 2 other units preferably charging enemy or routing enemy always keep in mind there is FRIENDLY FIRE if ur infintry is winning battle avoid firing into units cause it could cause ur infintry2 start 2 route theres nothing worse then fighting enemy and getting shot by ur friends i would quite n run to

Advanced Recon Force (Recruiting!)

There is friendly fire? I checked in sandbox and there doesn’t seem to have friendly fire


trust me there is friendly fire ive lost many battles when i first started this way till i started noticing when my inf was winning battle i kept firing and my guys would route with nearly full units and when i stoped doing that thy stoped routing there are alot of little tricks like this that make a good player better then the average by knowing how to explore and take advantage of these features is key to being and beating the best but multiple movement Feature is crusial 2 beating an elite player moving army and posting projectils while moving is the best way 2 beat elites


I guess I’ll do even more testing in sandbox.


FF is always on :bow_and_arrow::bow_and_arrow::bow_and_arrow::bow_and_arrow:


how to flank an enemy army and how to find its weakness

in the end i won but ths is just to show u the start and concept of a flanking maneuver and how 2 find the weakness in an enemy ARMY and to look at it as a WHOLE rather then individual units and the importance as a beginner 2 keep ur men 2 gether by using multiple movement Feature, if u send units out 1 by 1 they will die its like you fighting 10 men by yourself while ur friends watch from far away, so keep units 2gther
range units should be in front but can fall back behind infintry and calvery where ever u want them ,they can protect archers from enemy calvery or be used 2 assualt range units but must not engage infintry or gunz directly archers u can charge directly ,calvery outrun arrows a few tips to help u out these are just basics and how i win alot but once u reach elite status u will know how to use any style of formation and still win join my clan or upcoming clans and battle other members at specific times and to form stratigies together on teams and have tournaments 2gther


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@Eric_alexder_theg8 thanks for the tips the advanced recon force wich is allied with the roman republic because he is at war with the hcc will use this information wisely to improve our skills and destroy the hcc
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