Advanced Recon Force (Disbanded)


Sorry I can’t anymore.


@Welder, welcome back to the clan. You were the first to join our branch of the Mercenary Army and will always have a spot here. Though our leader Thruzan is gone and his disciples are rarely seen we will continue to represent that old legacy. Perhaps someday us three can rebuild the might and order that our founders once held.

Continuing forward, it would be good for all of us to play together and share our strategy. I have been having success in games recently by focusing on stalling my opponent within my archers range. Sending waves of troops to run through the battlefield rather than targeting indivit units helps keep your troops alive, while controlling your opponents location.

Formally, I promote @Flick_Missile to be second in command. Your dedication to the game and presence on the forum has done our clan proud.

I have one question for both of you. Should we continue to accept and train new recruits or should we close the clan and focus on our own skills?


IS good to be back I just need a update on tatics honestly


Can you play right now?


accept and train


I ask you for a treaty between our clans


i’ll let the leader dicide


I am interested in working with you, but would rather have you join our clan. I’m not sure I like allying with a clan that took the name of the clan we branched off of. Join us, mighty mercenary, so that all our combined power can be put towards a unified image.


I would rather TheHorseLord join our clan but if you see merit in allying with his clan instead I am all for it.


nah your the boss


@Noremac i’m rather new to the game, and i heard you’re the best player. tried checking your profile but there’s no private message button, so i’d like to challenge you here. it’s not to get in this clan or anything; i’d just like to test my skill and see where i must improve.

edit: this isn’t to join the clan; however, gettting into it is just a bonus for me if i manage to win, and a little side goal that comes later.

edit #2: sorry for challenging here, probably seem a bit cocky and strange doing so.


I will gladly accept your challenge. I’ll look for you 7-10 pct tomorrow.

I am far from the very best there ever was, but I am still learning and developing my strategy. @Eric_alexder_theg8 usually beats me and Crni the Mongol is pretty good. I’ve got a few tactics that work pretty well. From the beginning I have been using Musashi’s two sword theory in the Book of Five Rings as the foundation of my two army strategy. I need more practice controlling my offensive and defensive group at the same time.


@Noremac i tend to use the Sun Tzu’s book, Art Of War for my inspirations in strategies. do you have a discord? it will make communicating on when the battle should be a bit easier.


replying to myself like a twit, but i’ve noticed a trend of people leaving the second i set up a defense based formation. here’s a decent example:

the second i got my formation all set up for a nice defensive game, the guy just left before i could even use my cavalry to flank him.


Interesting formation. Having your troops so spread apart seems dangerous. I read Art of War. I like the Book of Five Rings more because it is more descriptive.

Here is the samurai wars discord:

I am n0remac #9451


My strategy has become more defined lately.

I use two armies. One with all my ranged units, cavalry defense, general, and one samurai to defend. This army I start at a good location with high ground and hopefully forest cover.

The second army I use cavalry, two swordsmen, and maybe an archer. This group should only ever engage isolated enemy units. The main purpose of this group is to push, draw, or lure the enemy into range of your own archers.


Someone tried using this strategy on me earlier, kept trying to lure me into a line of archers, and started calling me a kid and a noob when I wouldnt do so


Splitting your troops into two groups is really dangerous though. Against a fast player who uses a ball formation you can get annihilated if you don’t retreat fast enough.


The point of the formation was that all of the pressure was on the flank that was curved in, and if he wanted to break through that flank, it’d be easy for me to move my troops to the opposite side, and he was in range of my archers. The cavalry was there in case he got around the back without me noticing.


check your Discord, I msg’d you