Advanced Recon Force (Disbanded)


When u add someone on discord do u write the name or the hashtag+number or how the hell does it work!


nice to see some action in this thread




How to join this clan


as far as i know, you need to get invited to it by playing noremac like i did. hell, you don’t even need to win, just do decent and you should be fine.


I did like to join ur clan


Emperor N0remac can you play with me and then can you join me in ur clan


I’m back guys my phone wasn’t responding well and I uninstalled and be did it so I could log in but it still it doesn’t work but about the clan If you give my clan some land on war map and gold we will join but my clan keeps it’s name OK


No deal. You should be giving us offerings since you have the smaller clan. Keep the name and try to make something of it.


Greatings warrior. Ping me on the discord channel and we can find a time to battle.

As Arti said you can join just by playing me in a match. The fufilment you get out of being in the clan is based on your activity on the forum and within the game. Many people join and then go inactive. I am not always active myself, but I intend to keep coming back. Right now is one of my more active spurts. My second in command, Flick_Missle, is good at keeping me dedicated.


thanks sir


I take that back I will join you as a mercenary for money or a trety betwean our clans


I admire your initiative as a mercenary. As that is our heritage, all active members of the clan should receive payment for their service.

You are accepted into ARF and will be payed 2 gold per week. Once the clans coffers are filled that amount shall increase. To remain active and be payed you must post one victory screenshot per week, or three per month.

@Flick_Missile, @Welder, @Arti, @TheHorseLord post a victory screenshot here so that I know who is currently active.


Can we fight my lord noremac and then can i join


this formation is very good


Hay I cant play for some reason my game wont even load all I can do is be on forum


-_- come back when you can play the game…


Hey n0remac now u have to play so ican join ur clan


Sure. I can play right now.


So lets play