Advanced Recon Force (Disbanded)


I’m in the lobby


Hey where did u go


I’m ready now


Come on


I keep entering the love and you leave


No man now im in the lobby i think its glitch now cmon


My phone just gone hanged now can i join


I think i did my best with the best player of this game


It was a good game. You attacked a little too soon and with little advantage. It was easy for my troops to survive as your targeted the archers.

You can join ARF. Do you have time to play again?


Thnx yeah now im in arf


Yeah we can fight


Yep. I added you to the original post. You can put ARF in your name if you like.


Yeah im going to put


I have done that now lets play but before that can u tell me how to conquer territory in detail plz…


Hey dude where did u go


To post it screenshots you should go to the browser forum when you respond to a thread there a button labled upload will be in the bottom right. You can upload screenshots with that. On the computer there is an upload option in the regular toolbar.

The Territory Advancements. Was created as a game for more experienced players to battle each other and track their progress in the form of a map. There is a map in that thread somewhere that shows who has what territory. I like the idea of the game, but never got too involved. I’ll try again at some point.


Ok thnx so did like to conquer ones territory so how can i do this in brief


If you beat someone who posts in that thread post your victory there.




So im going to challenge someone in the map