Advanced Recon Force (Disbanded)


Ok thnx i have challenged for toletum


Ask them in the thread or find them in discord. Or just wait until you see them in the lobby.


I have challenged for toletum


Hay normac can my men and me keep being part of mercenary army
Just your mercenarys for hire


Come up with a division name and you can fight with us as an independent branch of the army. Once your warriors start posting victory screenshots we can talk about payment.


Im a new player can i join i just made an account so idk alot of stuffkik


I’ll be able to play in an hour or two. We can have a match then.


Okay i be on at 11 eastern time


I’m on now


Im new here pls guide me. I installed this because of total war like experience.


I see you in lobby. Let’s have a match.


Im on


I’m still on. I was just watching a game.


Ok im free


Ok Ill share my the story of my last game. It is 2v1 I defeated the other player now is 1v1 but I have only three units left 2 archers and 1cav
The other player have 6 units all melee spear and swords except archer cavalry it may be a coward strategy so what I basically did was when an enemy is chasing my 2 archers ( my archers are running around in circles )
Ill position my cav to attack the enemy (the one chasing my archer)
Have no loses while attacking from behind, I think its too Op.


The differance thats between the two is is clustering or keeping units close and tight together is the key to a win. In total war clean formations and sheild wall play a big roll here enemy units can easily run threw units with minimal disruption here


Ahh your the one I defeated. I learned it from history. Even if the enemy is larger you can still win you lost because you divided your army and you are not controlling your army very well your actions are like an ai chasing me like a dog. This is different it’s not total war I learned that from someone ( I almost lost ) bug I ask him for tips like how to counter this and that cavalry are not strong against infantry unlike in total war.




Hi guys


Im not sure we played lol i dont think u brat me we played together on teams but not against