Advanced Recon Force (Disbanded)


@Haiderkhan your prowess in the Territory wars is doing us proud. I would like to start making our way south in Spain. Our first major opponent will be @El-Duderino. I have fought him numerous times in the past and know that he is a strong warrior.


thnx i will accept the mission my lord


I too shall seek him out in combat.


but he is in africa


ok sorry i have seen in the map that he is in south of spain i will fight with my heart for my ARF


We battle towards the gold mines of southern Spain. The Dude and one or two other players seem to be in our way. I can’t find the most recent map. I don’t think it has been updated for a while. Soon I will make a map for our clans territory.


After that we head to Gilbralter.


ok so make it fast


Something like this.


it sying request access u didnt givin access


Hello pls help me how to defeat a blob of unit?


Try that one.

To defeat a blob use a better blob.


This link might work. Hard to do on a phone.


Or this one,%22action%22:%22open%22,%22userId%22:%22104961110414028157275%22%7D.


thnx for the map


Good match earlier. Cavalry should only ever attack archers or do hit and runs from behind. They are too weak to fight. They give high morral to other troops and should be saved. Try to use them just to scare the enemy or draw them away from their archers so you can attack with the other cav. Or use cavalry to draw the enemy into your kill zone.

You should always have all your troops under control. Especially in late game don’t let your army get separated and randomly chasing other units.

When you are in an archer line war make sure your archers all target the same unit. At the same time attack their line from the side. Use your cavalry to pull away defenders, then send in a spear to attack the archers. This will give you an over all advantage in the archer fight so they rout first. Then you can use cavalry to make sure the routed unit does not regenerate moral.

Your strategy looks pretty good so far. Keep practicing your own formations but come back to that compacted line too.


hey im back with my second mobile


thnx for telling me all this vry vry thnx i will make sure that i will do this all ok


I’m out of time for now. Keep practicing :slight_smile:


ok thnx i will join the tournament how to give u money