Advanced Recon Force (Disbanded)


I will take the monies when the tournament starts on Sunday and as people join. You still need 6 more gold. You could win 6 matches with your general and cavalry unit still alive to get that.


I’m technically decommissioned rn until I’m needed again @Noremac


Im new i just won like 3 battles can i join?


I’ll be one tonight During Pacific time. We will have a battle then you can join the clan.


I am ready when you are


It will be a couple more hours.


Okay beht


I can play now


So am i in?


You are in my friend. You can put ARF in your name. If you post a victory screenshot once a week you can get payed.


Let’s play one more round. I’m running out of time though.


Okay beht


@One_Man_Army good work on your victories. Your battles in the Territory Advancements will bring glory to our clan. I have made a post in the Advancements thread. We will continue to spread our holdings by claiming the lands of the inactive players El Dude and Nox. There are a couple active players that we will need to fight or allign with in the future: Napoleon and Eric_Alexdr.

There is one other player that wee need to seek out. Try to get victory screenshots of the blueish player in the center of this shot just to the left of our territory.


It shall be done


Need more man in your army to beat me :100::fr::guardswoman:


hey noremac can i join
well im not good a bit at strategy but im expert at vanguard or 2v2 i guess


Ive beaten you before


Then do it again soldier! France must not be allowed to push into our territory.


Let’s have a match and we shall see.


Never lost to this logo… Sometimes i do lose against cowards sitting on top of their mountains waiting… You must have been one of them but it’s OK Losing is part of the learning process and I don’t care losing against coward anonymous players