Advanced Recon Force (Disbanded)


later mr noremac im busy


i think youre right mr napoleon


Don’t call someone out like that when you have suffered a defeat. You have nothing to prove here.

You might want to find another way to flaunt your prowess. Don’t give yourself backhanded compliments in my thread and expect me to be impressed.


woah master noremac i didnt know there was a territories here


The guy in a nutshell!


I’m just playing. No one should ever take me too seriously. But I will monitor my own threads strictly! Conversations here should be for the pursuit of strategy, not led pride.


ok thanks for advice mr noremac
i will remember that


And you! I’ll take your shit elsewhere, but in here you should be careful how you judge others. I will not let this become a “trashbin” of trash talk.


Exactly. I do lose and you lose too Cronin. For those who want to know more refer to "bitch you got… Etc " with interesting screen shots
One man army, tell us about how you beat me or show some screens. Because you do have a long way to go before getting me on the open


Ok sorry I take that back! It was a classy piece of text…in a nutshell!


I would rather hear how you managed to beat my subordinate. What tactics do you use?


Also I’d like to challenge you to a tournament battle tonight.


well how to have a rifle unit in the game…
pls reply tnx


In the present games you will get either archers or matchlock. There are two different unit presets. If you host a match you can make your own presets I think.


Aye how much gold do i have?


This much






you guys speak sign language??


Well at least we do battle every now and then…you only speak!