Advanced Recon Force (Disbanded)


Not ONLY I also battle sometimes (like when I have more than 5 minutes AND my computer is working (which it is by now)but that’s not too often


heys guys do you know about mr. chosokabe?


Am back🤪


Dudeman. The awesomeness of your return has broken the game.


Awesome return celebration! A firework!



In that case cancel the fireworks, and it’s 3 : 1 for the dude :sunglasses: gg bro


hello guys


Greatings brave warrior. What brings you to this domain?


i bring revenge for hideyoshi toyotomi
i will declare war on ieyasu tokugawa


Warriors of ARF,

If you are active in the game, active on the forum, or actively reading this post please respond so that I know the current situation of our clan. Then we will make plans on moving forward.


Normac you have no more players one man army left and flick wont play


@Flick_Missile and @One_Man_Army are the main ones I expect to hear from. Any of the legacy members would be welcome as well. I’ll wait until anyone tells me personally that they are leaving before I assume they have left the clan.


@Arti had joined as well. Are you still active?


I have decided to leave the clan for awhile




Hey can I join? i already have some experience with tactics but not guaranteed to win


Im not sure if he will exept you but ill put u on map and you can get some screenshots for him as an insentive to except you


Centurion is right. Show me that you are serious and that you have come here to seek some higher form of metagaming and I will consider continuing this clan.

I am currious, what is your reason for joining a clan and why this one?


Oh hey, Just posted something to the “main clan”, didn’t notice that this clan was recruiting, I mean, doesn’t really matter if I get accepted, as long I learn and improve for myself, I’ll still get good, if that’s the case, then I may or may not just change my name to WillBecomeAStormTrooperInstead. I scrolled through the post forum thing and the standards are pretty high, but I will still insist on enlisting and becoming private first class, by the way, thanks for some tactics General_noremac told me. Or if you are the one replying to this, It would be cool to discuss more often