Advanced Recon Force (Disbanded)


Did I just play you today? This clan will undergo some revamping soon. Standby for more info. In the mean time I suggest you and @The_Lucky_Gamer post some victories in the Warriors Bank or Territory Wars. There you can start building your reputation.


You have shown true gumption as a mercenary. You may join the Mercenary Guards if you like, but I too invite you to join my clan. Scipio is a good general and has proven himself to be very dedicated. I am known to go an long vacations from the battlefield. That is why my clan is currently empty.


… I do know that mercenaries do join multipule clans, but what I’m thinking is staying to just one clan, this is really tuff


Yeah. I prefer that as well. It seems I was too slow in inviting you. We are planning a new type of alliance right now so we may yet be allied.


You know, I’ll should be honest, as I have partially agreed to their invite, I have probably decided. so we’ll see on the battlefield general, it will be my honor working with you.


Im kinda confused on how the main clan is dying and your regiment is the only lifeboat that survived, all other regiments literally disappeared.


You mean the Mercenary Army? Yeah. I was the only one to join who wanted to start a clan I guess. I think I kinda came in late in the game. The leader was just going inactive for good as I joined. There are a lot of older players who no longer play the game.


At least logged in i play elites that arnt logged in and arnt crini nox or bob the bob the shogun the elites of my era


Ya noremac you were here when i started you used to whoop my ass when i was soft as baby shit before i earned my stripes on this game and figuerd out the tricks to battle but your vacations gave me the edge


I never played an app like this exept roman wars or somthing its similar to this but is offline but fun this is the better version of that game this game gives you so much mechanical feedom and endless tactics once u understand it


Aaaaand clan died again


Here is a walkthrough of one of my offensive strategies.

At the start of the match position your troops in a good location as quickly as possible. Here my archers have some cover and are already on the hill. My other troops are spread out to ultimately defend the cavalry archer. This is a dangerous tactic and you always want to keep those troops that aren’t with your main army active and safe.

Tap a troop, then tap off and hold to get the multi-select tool. It is best to have sound on so you can hear it click. Select the bulk of your army and have them advance together. At the same time use the cavalry as a distraction. Keep a close eye on them an make sure they don’t get attacked. Your cavalry should only deal with archers at the very beginning of the game. You can use them to flank latter if/when the opponent rushes.

The cavalry has engaged. The archer cavalry is being supported by the Samurai because they are strong, and the glaves because they can slow the enemy down. The spearmen are not suited for this position because they rout more easily.

You can halt the advance of your archers by double-clicking on them. You should do this as soon as they come into range. You can tell when they are range when those two shaded lines appear. You can also scout out ahead of time to find out exactly where you need to send the archers to be within range. My infantry continues to advance to draw in the rest of the opponents army.

Now my cavalry has disengaged and is regrouping. The archer cavalry retreated through my samurai to slow the pursuit. Now that the opponent is coming at my main army I need to regroup. The infantry is retreating behind the archer line. This tactic where you rush, stop the archers, then retreat the infantry can is a good way to draw in and surprise your opponent.

Both sides have taken losses. Some of his troops are surrounding me. I cannot see all my troops so I decide to retreat and regroup so I can evaluate my position.

My opponent was not very experienced so this worked out well this time. In other battles you will have to make more changes. You will notice that this fight is very head-on. More experienced players will try to come at you from a vulnerable angle. This strategy can still be applied when you are attacked from of angle if you can quickly use the multi-select too to select all your archer and change the direction and attack angle minutely. That is one reason I like to keep my samurai slightly apart from the archers at the start.




Here are some links to strategy guides I have posted as well as others. Some of this might be wrong, bad, or outdated. This info should be used to I spire your own tactics.


im reporting for duty sir
sorry @Noremac i am not really active nowadays and wont be for a while


I knew that my second in command was not a ghost! Your diligence makes me proud. You can join the discord I made if you ever want to chat or check-in.


I updated the main page. Our legacy grows, if not our clan. Definitely looking for new members.


Heres a useful tip. You can use split screen on your phone to use the forum more easily while you wait for a match.


i probably wont check in for another few weeks
im kind if busy
sorry sir i will report for duty when ready


Understood. Report back when you are ready.