Advanced Recon Force (Disbanded)





Can I have some useful tips


I want to join too


For now I think you should focus on keeping your army in one compact battalion. Have your archers in front so they can engage first. Practice moving your entire army together. You can reposition your entire army by moving them individually or together with the multi select tool. ( You can use that by tapping on one unit then tapping off and holding until you hear a click. It will create a shaded circle that allows you to select multiple units until you let go.)

Once you get your army moving as one practice multi tasking by attacking with cavalry while you move your army. The goal in this is to keep the opponent disorganized while you stay in formation. That way all of your troops can defeat a smaller amount of their troops.

Here are some slightly more advanced strategies that I gathered.


Looks like you are already part of a clan. Better talk to your leader before you ask to join another.


Ok is it ok if you teach me in a match


Read tactics forum page those are all written by me there tried and tested tactics if you read them carefully and administer them in in battle they will serve you well




Ill train u


Ok let’s start now


I can play for a bit


Well those are the basics, range killes even if your outnumberd but your range are raining down arrows or bullets on a group of infantry that outnumbers yours you will rout them they ill lose moral but at the same time there’s friendly fire if you outnumber them in a bunched up group hold your fire or your own men will rout also place an infinity just slightly behind range to protect themwhen you see enemy cav coming in push your guard slightly forward to deflect enemy while leting your range keep firing




Normac I ask for an alliance to help me stop Texas toast


Normac I am asking you to for an alliance


Centurion is with me


Before i will announce are alliance i need you to work on form A and multiple movement or i will not join you. I accept new players not that being good but i cannot accept you not listening to tips we give you and to see you not apply them makes me uneasy about this alliance. so if i see you atleast make an attemt to try the tips we gave you we have an alliance till then i will hold off on this


Ok I will listen I just want help


Normac now just one minute we already have a alliance