Advanced Recon Force (Disbanded)


When u have practically all of your units


Can i join?


Nice formation. Looks like a fun game.


Sure. First you will either have to face me in battle or claim some territory in the Map of Conquest. Then I will add you to the list.


Btw i havent played this game. a lot so im quite bad


That’s ok. The most basic strategy is to keep your troops close and move them as a unit.


Well when do we battle?


I can play at 10:00 pct tonight. Or 8:00 on Tuesday.


Pct as in Pacific time?


Yes, at Pacific Time.


I’ll play tomorrow at 8 Pacific time


I’ll be one for a while now.


Can i join or at least try to join?


Post what time you are availability to play and we can try and have a match then. Battling me is the only requirement to join.


Hey, love to join and become an expert at this game. I’m studying battle strategy and would love to get better at it


Sure. I will have time to play this evening around 8 pm pacific time. Discord is usually a good place to get in touch with good opponents.


Sorry my internet isn’t very good at my house. I can play around 3 western time. Do I have to beat u to get in or just battle you?


Just battle me. I should be able to battle around 3, maybe not today though. Try me on discord when you want to battle.


Hey dude sorry I haven’t been on just life things


Thats ok. I a haven’t been on much either. One of these days I’ll get back into it.