Advanced Recon Force (Disbanded)


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hi @Thruzan @Noremac i’m back i got wounded in battle and was inactive for a half a year but now i’m back and am reporting for duty


Ok. I am rebooting this faction. Our first objective is to study the strategy of our army into two groups. One for attack one for defense. The idea is to use the attacking army to push the enemy into the defending army. Here is the arrangement I have been using. I first saw Almighty use it.

The attacking army is composed of the mobile cavelry and strong samurai. When the samurai and cavelry attack together the cavelry will stay alive better. You can take the high ground with this group, attack separated units, or else stay close the the range of your defensive archers. The cavelry archer is good for drawing out the enemy.

The defense army is composed of all the foot archers, the cavelry defensive units, the general, and one samurai to guard the general. This group is big enough to defend against most attacks. The weakness to this strategy is that if the armies get too far apart it is dangerous for one to be attacked by the entirety of the enemy force. For that reason you must keep the two armies close and move fast.

One thing I like to do with this strategy is distraction the enemy with the attacking army then move in the archers to take them by surprise. By clicking and holding to select multiple units it is easy to give commands to each group.

As part of being in this clan I’d like you to practice this strategy, or come up with new ones and tell me what you learn. The clan TRR is really strong and we will need to work hard to stand against them in the territory bank.


sorry i have no idea what the teritory bank is please explain


It is a map conquering game on this forum.

I have been trying to take the Serbia/Yugoslavia area. @Eric_alexder_theg8 gave me some other territory north of Rome and around that area as well. If you beat anyone on the map, especially people around Serbia, you can post a screen shot there.


Were is serbia? If u give me a general vasinity i can move u there example bottem map left corner ect. I didnt see serbia but if u want u can update the map on ur movements and ur clan mates and send it to me i can put it on territory map so its official to give u exact control of ur own movements and that of ur clan


I have been talking to the different clans to find which ones I like. Is there any requirements to join here? It’s more organized than some of the others.


This isn’t a clan TRR and HSC Red eye and the Japanese and Arab clan are I haven’t been on that’s why TRR isn’t organized


Didn’t know that. May join TRR if that’s the case.


try o join mine requires 15 days of playing


This is in fact a clan and we are accepting.


You are welcome to join the Advanced Recon Force. Let’s try to battle and I will give you some tips. You should check out the longer post I sent to flick a couple days ago here. It out lines a strategy I am exploring.

What is your in game name? If you post here when you are playing I will try to come on. I’ll be playing tonight I think.


I believe it is still Hannibal.


@Saros. Good fight, your definitely accepted to the alliance. You are doing well by keeping your army together. Practice attacking with your cavelry as soon as the match starts. Work on three things: keeping the cav alive, disorganizing the enemy, and moving your main army to a good position.

The main thing I want from members of this clan are discussions on strategy. There are a lot of monsters out there who are better then me so I need your help to get better as well! Please tell me what you learn.

For instance I find that cavelry rushes become less effective as you fight better players who know not to lock onto the cav and follow them. But at the same time it is harder to move your army when you are being attacked by a faster unit.

If your archers are being attacked you can experiment with making a box around them and moving that way, or using your own cavelry as a flank guard. The better you get at managing both cav and the main army the more units you can try sending with your cavelry. Samurai and cavelry seem to work really well together.


I’m waiting for @Flick_Missile to tell me what he has learned since he has returned :wink:


My friend with Hannibal in your clan I am now at war with your clan lol


@Noremac you should tell all the players in your clan to add A.R.F infront of your name


@Flick_Missile and @Saros. I have added you both to the alliance scroll of the original post of this thread. To officially become part of the Advanced Recon Force you can add ARF to the beginning of you in game name.


You have already declared war on me. Do you want to battle now? Once I see your strength we can think about an alliance.


Ok but my phone is very glitch