Advanced Recon Force (Disbanded)


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@Noremac i have no idea what the territory bank is how do i battle someone there how does the whole thing work???


It is a game that @Eric_alexder_theg8 put together. Players are given territories all across the map. To conquer other territories you challenge the people who own it. I am fighting in the Balken States because there are some strong players there and I like that part of the world.

You can read more about it in the original post of the Territory Bank thread.


That happened to me once, I’m like, WTF?!?


if i win a battle with you how can i claim a territory and wich one ???


I think it is pretty open ended. Kamakazi and I have an alliance so I battled him at a disadvantage so he could take a new city in Morocco. I played without my Samurai and stayed in one location on the map to pretend I was holding a city.

You could select any place you want on the map. Europe is a good because I am already playing there. If you want to challenge any territory and the previous owner isn’t active I can fight for them with a handicap if you want.


Kind of still don’t understand can you give a 300 page speech to explain???


Well,if you go to the Territory Bank thread you can find this map.

It is a little bit blurry but you can figure out who owns where. The map creator has assigned players random locations around the map that way there is always someone to challenge near by. If you beat a player on the map you can claim their territory.

If you go to the map and look at the area around the Balkan States (which is to the east of Italy going from Greece up to Albania) you will find my little holding there. (The creator was confused about where I was wanting to be so there is some confusion with the lands and troop movements he gave me on the last update). Since the last update I have beaten warriorBeast and claimed his lands around Dalmatia. I also claimed Chief_faceless’s lands because he isn’t playing right now and no one fought for him. I challenged Yamamoto for his territory in that area and Eric_Alexander fought for him and defeated me, successful defending.

Danesoto has been beating me and wanted to claim Kosovo (Which is right to the north west of Macedonia). As he keeps beating me I have relinquished the southern half of Serbia to him (which is the good part because the map has a gold and silver mine labled there).

Up north The Dude holds Croatia. He usually beats me so I have not been able to conquer his land. If he were to try to take my land he would win, but up until now he has only defended his holdings.

Most of this game is going on in my head. Hopefully, the other players agree with my assessments of the situation. Unless I can beat Danesoto I am likely to lose all my land in the Balkan soon.

If that happens I will probably start over around Spain or Morocco. I have been helping Kamakazi conquer cities in Morocco. Kamakazi and I fought for Volubilis. Although I won I offered him the city in order to form an alliance. Next he sought to conquer Lixus. Since the owner of that city, Thangtam, is inactive I fought in his place. I did not use my samurai in the battle in the spirit of our alliance so that Kamakazi’s territory could grow.

In the original post of The Territory Bank Eric outlines rules for handicaps and fighting for other people.

The purpose of the Territory Bank is to offer a more in-depth meta game to samuraiwars. I am very please and impressed with how @Eric_alexder_theg8 has organized it so far. It had allowed me to just jump in and make up a campaign as I go along.

To have the most fun with it I suggest you find a spot on the map that you like for some reason and claim it. Then you can start challenging the players around you. Some will be inactive and you can take their territory if they don’t respond in three days. Sometimes another player (like me) will champion and inactive player. The active players in the Territory Bank tend to be really good. I’m going to have to resort to a 2v1 or ask for a handicap in order to beat The Dude or Eric I think.

The places I am actively interested in are the Belkans, Morocco, the areas bordering those locations, and really any territory around the Mediterranean or Europe. You could choose an area around there or in Asia and I will help you out with figuring out who to fight.


can i as your clan member fight in your place???
anyway i would like to battle you as a form of working out our strategy


Sorry for inactivity, picking up the game again. Going to find me a place on the map to start, any suggestions?


hey Noremac i’m new at the game but i think i’m good at it for a new player can i join


Yes you may. I will have time to battle late tonight or some time tomorrow.


You could fight for me if I’m not available. Tomorrow before 2:00 pm pct I will be on.


Somewhere around the Mediterranean would be good. Close to Italy, Dalmatia, or Morocco. I wouldn’t mind starting a campaign in Asia if you are more interested in those countries.


how many people would be in the campaign


on territory bank is there a way i can join


@Flick_Missile, @Saros, @jackel. The first location I would like this clan to take is Sicily. To do this you will have to post victories of battles against other member of this clan, or our alliance @Kamikaze.

The first battle will be for Syracusae whoever post the fist victory screenshot will get that city. We will have to defeat @Danesoto and @chikacrni as well to get control of the whole island. They are both strong oponents.


Are there any members in this clan except us???


@Noremac I like the way you explained exactly what we have to do to get territory thanx :smirk::smirk:


Flick verse me for Sicily