Advanced Recon Force (Disbanded)


Sorry can’t, for some odd reason I can’t play just read and write,
My whole screen is black


Now I can


Can over clans make an alliance


@warriorBeast the esteemed leader @Noremac won’t be on until about 2 and I have scheduled an appointment about military options on how to crush our enemy/'s and I am going to try to somehow squeeze it all in in three short hours and you just come along and request a meeting without an appointment if the esteemed leader will allow you to come in than you should know he has nibbled off of his important time and make sure it doesn’t take too long
Sincerely flick_missile


Now that I see you really do need this meeting I will allow you in to thee esteemed leader


@Noremac did you check this out???
I see your reply by every other map conquest and I actually think this one is great


That is pretty cool. Reminds me of Catan. I like the Territory Bank because of the old Roman map and real world locations it looks like it takes a lot of effort update however.


There are some old members but they seem to be inactive now. They are listed in the original post. This clan is still a branch of the Mercenary Army. I don’t know if any of them are still active. @Uvoxyuwin maybe.


Hehe. Thank your for your hard work. I can go a few matches now. What are your thoughts about forming an alliance with TRR? warriorBeast does have a territory in Sicaly.


im fine with whatever the esteemed leader will
Actually I’m in favor of an alliance


i am back what did i miss


hey guys i just mad a new map but don’t know how to post it i could use some help


You can host a match on it and save it I think. I’m not sure about sharing it. If you can’t figure it out do a development post.


@Noremac how do you do this???
The picture


i was doing sandbox and had an whole army of 50 sword and spear and 10 cav and they all ran


Did you first attack and defeat the team and then added more units and they ran???


I held my men back for a defense but they all ran once the calvary died


Were they sword samurai or ashigaru??


Because cav has a massive moral boost if you place cav in the way of routing units they will most of the time stay and if the cav is routing they will all follow but its weird that 10 cav routed 50 units maybe they were ashigaru


Yes but both side have swords but spears are really good against swords and the spears ran away