Advanced Recon Force (Recruiting!)


Do we? I thought we never cane to an agreement. To consider ARF in an alliance I’ll need to see some documents drafted and signed.

Anyways, I don’t think I’ll envolve myself in this dispute.


The revolt has been stopped but we made an alliance to battle HSC remember


Do you have a link?


To what


This is the first strategy new players should work on. Get your army in formation fast and get at least one cavalry out to harrass the enemy first. Even if the opponents has a tight line as well and you are unable to attack, position your cavalry behind their army to make them uneasy and to be ready to flank.


@XxDUPLAR_EEFECTxX you can join RMG if you want. They are big, but new and weak. This clan is decended from ancient mercenaries who once ruled this game. Join me, learn my strategy, and you will prevail.


Ill also teach you stretegice skilles for the field but i will not leabe my clan helpless but we can take the game back as well


I like the way you think. Practicing together and learning from one another should be what a clan is all about.




Advanced Dead Clan (Disintegrating!)