Advanced Recon Force (Recruiting!)


This guy quite because I took out his archers and gunman with my Calvary


So, would you like to join us?


Nice one. Your battle lines look far more organized then the opponents. This is how victory is achieved!


Yes I would like to join


Welcome to the team! Your first mission will be to challenge someone listed in the wanted thread and post a screenshot of your fight. Try to include both you and your opponents troop formation. You do not need to win the battle at this point.


How can I talk to them to play them


The discord channel is the best way.


@Welder @H20delrious1 @Kgboy02 @Brando02

Mission 1 is still active. I would like everyone to post a screenshot of a battle between you and a player in the wanted thread.

-Mission 2-
Participate in a 2v2 or 2v1 battle with another member of the alliance. Post a screenshot here.


If @Oliver wishes to join the 1st ARF we must battle first.


CAN I join?


First we will have to battle. What is your in game name?


Okay and my game name isn’t Dylan


My game name is dylan


Hey @Noremac can we fight?


@Eric_alexder_theg8 is invited to join the 1st ARF. Please respond with a yea no nay.


I’m just here to troll you and once again “yea no nay” also what up with that profile pic boi


I just want to be the very best. Also, the circular profile picture gave me the idea. If you ever want to get serious, meet me in the battlefield.

  1. U gay? 2. They always say veterans are better Ps. Is rainbow your favorite color


I have an idea :smiling_imp:


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