Advanced Recon Force (Recruiting!)


@Welder, @Brando02, @Kgboy02, @H20delrious1

Hey guys. In order to make a more cohesive team I’d like you to message me the times that you generally play. That way we can start playing together, discussing strategy, and having fun.


Now you are trying. Good.


Honestly I get on whenever I really have one so that can really range for anytime


It would be fun to play some 2v games. If you tag me in this thread I should get an email. I can play most often.


I think I’m good enough to join, but I’d be willing to battle some of your members if you want to test me.


Hello @Cloak . I have recently closed this clan. I am going to limit it’s numbers to 5 players in total. If some of them do not respond to my call to arms within a week I will move them to an inactive reserve.

There should be other clans active here soon I believe. Occocoria and the Shinto Shrine Red Eyes bot have passionate leaders. If you want to join the 1st ARF ask again next week. Either way I would like to meet you on the battle field.


@Noremac ah, well thanks, and that would certainly be a sight to behold!


Recruitment is now open again! Soon I will make an active force and inactive reserve. Members who post or communicate often will be in the active force.


I could offer ococorian services as a tactician for hire, yet I don’t know your return offer. I wouldn’t become part of your branch nor the clan, but I could help immensely with designing tactics or providing live battle reformation opinions. My price is based on your replied offer if interested.


We can definitely contract you as a tactician. Having more sources for members to discuss strategy will only be beneficial. I would expect you to do practice matches and discussions on the forum. Ideally, there would be a set time in the week where we could all get together in game.

As for compensation: I will need to play some matches against you, or at least go over your tactics in game. If they work I will personally plaster the forums with screenshots of your formations and give you die credit.


I can play at any time if I am told when is a good time for everyone


I should be active this evening around 8:00 pm Pacific Time.


Could I join


To join you will have to battle me first. I should be able to play in about 7 hours. If you tag me I. The forum that often will get my attention.


@Noremac have been off grid for two days in a dead zone, just got back, I would rather discuss my tactics, as I have several forms, you pick your favourite type I have said, I will show you the tactic methods via image or detailed instructions, and you say whether or not you want to test them, if a few work then if you consider contracting me then I will begin. But yes I would rather you pick your favourites and then I use them in battle for you to see if they are as good as I say.


Hmmm, well I am currently interested in two things particularly. First, what kind of formations would be good against someone who won’t leave a hill. Rushing right up the hill won’t work, and it is hard to win a ranged battle from the low ground.

Secondly, I have been practicing moving my troops in formation. I don’t use beta because it tends to have more bugs. As a result I am always trying to move my troops in ways that fast, cause little confusion, and are strong defensively.

If you have anything pertaining to these topics I would be interested. However, it may be more effective to learn the strategy that you are more passionate about. The correctional force you mentioned once sounds intriguing and I have actually been experimenting with that idea since learning of it.

As far as a specific contract goes how about you create a thread that enumerates tactical ideas you have for offence, defense, and mobility. We can further discuss and test the tactics that are of particular interest to the community or myself.


I have just what you are looking for on hill battles specifically, a komrade from Ireland showed me it and I copied it down on a notepad then took screenshots of it set up in SW, do you have a discord I may send the images to? The tactic is mainly untested yet it ran smoothly in total war, not tested for SW.


If you want to find me on discord I’m n0remac #9451


Hey srry was not on y had a lot of issue but am back