Advanced Recon Force (Recruiting!)


Haha. Lots of spaces.


Yeah but how do you know what to do???


I googled “ascii art” to find the image. I copy and past them in and then add spaces until the forum registers it as code and it all lines up. It takes a little trial and error. Using a computer is nessesary so you can see the post preview as you write it.


So what about the alliance want to make it since my clan is at war with HSC I want to be good with all other clans


i take it the question is about the esteemed leader


? By the way Wana battle


not availible now


everyone check out the tips of our enemy thats how you will beat him


I have many tactics this is just 1 fear the wrath of H.S.C the balken states will belong to H.S.C :facepunch:




Also we should have mercenary to hire (elites only) to allow those who can’t defeat a certain player that’s better then them or wants a territory that will have to be faught with a crutch there fee should be high avoid to overuse of the mercenary. Or the memercenary themselfs can set there price


How Do I Join??


You are welcome to join. Just put ARF in your screen name if you want to more easily participate it clan oriented things in the Territory Bank or other games. We will have to battle soon so I can test your skill. But all levels are welcome here, now.


Pinser cavalry formation.

Use the cavalry to harass both sides of you opponents line. Don’t get caught in a fight or your cav will die. While the enemy is destracted move the rest of your army into a good position. Take the opponents side of the field. Make sure your cav doesn’t die.


Way to gooo