Age of War: Bronze Age Role-Playing Campaign



This is the official post of the Bronze Age role-playing campaign (as Nikodil has named them). The point of tis is to simulate the warfare of back then. This will be the first in a series of campaigns set in medieval to ancient times, the Age of War series. The perfect thing is, that there is almost no units that won’t fit without a little bit of imagination. The only thing is gunners, so if you’re fighting a campaign battle and there are gunners, you should probably restart. But enough of that, let’s get on to some rules, shall we?

Rules for Age of War: Bronze Age

No Being a Douche-bag
This is supposed to be fun, so refrain from using any vulgar language or making any racist remarks OR getting under the skin of other role-players (as this is a common thing to see in the comment section in the game).

No Inactivity
Being inactive for more than one week of inactivity (unless notified that you will be inactive) will cause you to be banned and replaced by a different ruler.

No Lying About Your Wins
Please just don’t.

Max 15 Armies and Max 10 Navies
This is so that Egypt and Hatti don’t just make 100 armies and steamroll everyone else.

WIP (as we realize unfair things about the current set up)

Territories and Choosing Civilizations and Cities

In this campaign there will be many nations and cities to conquer. You will select your country on the mpa that will be shown below. It is a first come first serve basis, so if you don’t get the country you wanted because it was too late, either work it out with an owner or tough luck.
Here is the map:

A List of Civilizations and Cities Associated With Them

Possessions and EPs of Player-Based Nations During Turn 1

Egyptian Empire (New Kingdom) Claimed by: Pharaoh Andrej Miska
Starting Armies: 3
Starting Navies: 2
Memphis (Tier 4 Capital) IEPs_
Avaris (Farming Village) AEPs
Tanis (Farming Village) AEPs
Lisht (Farming Village) AEPs
Abydos (upgraded to Major City) IEPs
Thebes (Walled-in City) MEPs
Gebal (Town) CEPs
Damascus (Town) CEPs
Hazor (Town) CEPs
Megiddo (Farming Village) AEPs
Jericho (City) IEPs
Beersheba (Farming Village) AEPs
Gaza (City) IEPs
EPs at End of Turn (EoT):
AEPs 40
CEPs 23
IEPs 12
MEPs 14

Hittite Empire Claimed by: Potato_Guy
Current Armies: 3
Current Navies: 2
Hattisas (Tier 4 Capital)
Ankuva (City) CEPs
Kanesh (Town) CEPs
Mersin (Farming Village) AEPs
Karkamesh (Town) AEPs
Aleppo (Farming Village) AEPs
Kadesh/Qadesh (Town) AEPs
Ugarit (upgraded to Major City) MEPs

Babylonian Empire Claimed by: Vultbloop
Current Armies: 2
Current Navies: 1
Babylon (Tier 3 Capital)
Kish (City)
Uruk (Town)
Larsa (Farming Village)
Lagashi (Farming Village)
Ur (City)

Assyrian Empire Claimed by: Vacant
Current Armies: 2
Current Navies: 0
Ashur (Tier 2 Capital)
Mineveh (starts as City)

Mittani Claimed by: Vacant
Current Armies: 2
Current Navies: 0

Vashukkanni (Tier 3 Capital)
Taite (Tier 2 Capital) (has two capitals because of historical accuracy, this one, Taite, cannot be upgraded)
Hamma (starts as a Farming Village)
Ebla (starts as a Town)

Kashka (Vassal of Hittites) Claimed by: Vacant
Current Armies: 1
Current Navies: 1
Zalpuwa (Tier 2 Capital)
Kammama (starts as a Town)
Halib (starts as a Farming Village)
Niya (starts as a Farming Village)
Appia (starts as a Town)

Mycenaean Confederacy Claimed by: LordHAMSTERX
Current Armies: 2
Current Navies: 2
(while not on the map, we will name a few cities)
Mycenae (Tier 3 Capital)
Argos (starts as City)
Pylos (starts as Farming Village)
Delphi (starts as Town)
Corinth (starts as Town)
Knossos (starts as Major City)
Phaistos (starts as Farming Village)

Mycenaean Colonies (Vassal of Mycenaean Confederacy) Claimed by: Blobmelon
Current Armies: 1
Current Navies: 2
Miletus (Tier 2 Capital) IEPs
Halicarnassus (starts as Town) MEPs
Samos (starts as Town) AEPs

Illios (Hittite Ally) Claimed by: R3AP3R
Current Armies: 2
Current Navies: 0
Troy (Tier 3 Capital)
Nicaea (starts as Farming Village)

Assuwa (Hittite Ally) Claimed by: Vacant
Current Armies: 1
Current Navies: 1
I have not yet found any real resources that state Assuwa’s possessions, and so I have an idea. You will be able to name two cities (one the capital which will be Tier 2 and one a Town)

Arzwa (Hittite Ally) Claimed by: Vacant
Current Armies: 1
Current Navies: 1
Ephesus (Tier 2 Capital)
Apasa (starts as Farming Village)

Lukka (Hittite Ally) Claimed by: Karl_Phillips
Current Armies: 1
Current Navies: 1
Xanthus (Tier 2 Capital)
Perga (starts as Town)

Thracian Mycenaean Colonies (Mycenae Vassal) Claimed by: Vacant
Current Armies: 1
Current Navies: 2
This will be a Mercenary faction like the Sea Peoples who are loyal to Mycenae.

Alashiwa (Sea Peoples) Claimed by: Vacant
Current Armies: 1
Current Navies: 2
They just plunder other countries and can be employed as mercenaries.

Making Your Own Cities
If you have 20 or more IEPs (which will be explained below) you can make a whole new city and name it yourself (remember no vulgar language).


One factor of the Age of War campaigns will be economies. Each town will give a varying amount of economy points. These points may be industrial, civil, agricultural, or military. Each will serve a different purpose. If you have a town set on one, it will take one day for it to earn 2 of that specific kind of point.

Industrial Economy Points
Industrial economy point are going to be for building up a city. If you set a city or town for making IEPs the town will slowly grow, a process which will take one day for it to reach the next level. It takes 7 IEPS for a city to grow to the next level. Here is the ladder of city stages:
Farming Village - > Town - > City - > Major City - > Walled In City - > Capital (one cannot upgrade a walled-in city into a capital)

Civil Economy Points
If you work on these it will make the trade of a city rise and will make it so that it generates more of each economy point. Also, if the city had been conquered, CEPs will help with lessening the chance of revolt.

Agricultural Economy Points
If you set a city on these, it will increase the food of the whole civilization. These are what will be used to feed the populace. Depending on what level every town is, it will take more and more AEPs, so you must always have some towns set on farming. Depending on the level of every city, you will need a certain amount of AEPs per a day. A chart will be shown below:

Farming Villages: Need 1 AEP a day
Towns: Need 1 AEPs a day
Cities: Need 2 AEPs a Day
Major Cities: Need 3 AEPs a day
Walled in Cities: Need 3 AEPs a day
Tier 1 Capitals: Need 2 AEPs a day
Tier 2 Capitals: Need 2 AEPs a day
Tier 3 Capitals: Need 3 AEPs a day
Tier 4 Capitals: Need 3 AEPs a day

Military Economy Points
These will be used to make new armies and fuel war efforts. It will take 22 MEPs to declare war, 3 every day to keep the war going, and 20 to make a new army (that you can name yourself). REMEMBER: Max 15 Armies and Max 10 Navies.

Starting EPs
Each nation will start out with:
10 IEPs
10 CEPs
10 AEPs
5 MEPs

Trade, Economic Collapses and More

Trade will play a large part of both alliances, vassals, and diplomacy in general. Trade can be accomplished by just suggesting to a sovereign that you should have a trade alliance. Warning, trade alliances cannot be brokered with civilizations you are at war with. If they agree, then work on the details on what will be traded. One nation could trade 5 AEPs a day, while the other may trade 3 MEPs. What you trade can change, too.
Economic Collapse
If at any time you have less than 1 of any EP, you will have an economic collapse. You can either quickly fix it by switching a settlement to that EP, or asking another nation to donate you some of that EP. If you fail and do not solve it by the next day, you will have all settlement be downgraded (if they are Farming Villages, they will stay the same), except for the capital.

EP Chart Based on the Size of Cities

Farming Village
If selected on producing any of these, farming villages will produce this much:
IEPs per day: 0
CEPs per day: 2
AEPs per day: 6
MEPs per day: 2

If selected on producing any of these, towns will produce this much:
IEPs per day: 2
CEPs per day: 3
AEPs per day: 4
MEPs per day: 3

If selected on producing any of these, cities will produce this much:
IEPs per day: 3
CEPs per day: 4
AEPs per day: 3
MEPs per day: 4

Major City
If selected on producing any of these, major cities will produce this much:
IEPs per day: 5
CEPs per day: 5
AEPs per day: 2
MEPs per day: 5

Walled-In City
If selected on producing any of these, major cities will produce this much:
IEPs per day: 6
CEPs per day: 6
AEPs per day: 2
MEPs per day: 5

Capitals have different tiers. There are 4 of them, Tier 1 Capital, Tier 2 Capital, and so on, until 4. You can upgrade them the way you would a city or a town.
Tier 1 Capital
IEPs per day: 2
CEPs per day: 2
AEPs per day: 3
MEPs per day: 2
Tier 2 Capital
IEPs per day: 3
CEPs per day: 3
AEPs per day: 4
MEPs per day: 3
Tier 3 Capital
IEPs per day: 4
CEPs per day: 3
AEPs per day: 5
MEPs per day: 4
Tier 4 Capital
IEPs per day: 6
CEPs per day: 5
AEPs per day: 4
MEPs per day: 5

How War Will Work

Some factions will have set bad relations with each other, some will have irreversible bad relations (e.g. Egypt and Hatti), and some will be neutral. Shown below will be a graph of how war will work.

Declaring and/or Mobilizing
Let’s say your playing as the Mycenae, and the Hittites decide to insult you. This, along with fighting battles without a declaration of war, are offences that can be used as ground to declare war. The Mycenae would send a PM (private message) to the Hittite leader and if the Hittite’s declared it as legitimate, war would begin. However, if the declaration wasn’t “fair” the Hittite leader would object, and if an agreement was reached, whatever the outcome was would happen. If 2 or more days of arguing over legitimacy happens, a mock battle will occur, and whoever wins that gets their opinion.
Now let’s pretend that the Mycenae already (because of staring alliances and hostilities) were at war with the Hittites. In that case, the Mycenae would sent a quick PM stating how they are mobilizing, and the Mycenae and Hittite leaders would work out times that both were available to fight at. If a time and everything were reached, both countries would end up donating 20 MEPs at the beginning. During the war there will be a “war tax” of 3 MEPs every day, until the end of the conflict.
Open field battles will be rare, as most battles will be fought over cities. After a date and time has been reached by you and your adversary, the aggressor (whoever declared war) will be on the offensive. They will choose the enemies closest city and take it over. Capitals come AFTER everything else.
However, if the “defender” wants to turn the tide and go on the attack, he can fight an open field battle to try and gain back his land and go on the offensive.
Occupying Conquered Cities
Once you have occupied a conquered city, it will be against you, and if you do nothing with the city for 2 days (unless you are away for a reason) the city will spawn a rebel faction. This rebel faction will be controlled by the country that owned it previously, and if it is a successful rebellion, it will become a vassal state of the aforementioned previous owner. Example, let’s say the Babylonians occupy Mineveh, an Assyrian settlement. If the Babylonians produce CEPs there, it will be fine. However, if they do nothing to aide the city, they might lose the city, and will create the faction Mineveh Rebels, or just Mineveh. They will be directly controlled by the Assyrians, and if they succeed in holding Mineveh for 2 days, OR if they take 2 settlements, they will stay legitimate and turn into the Minevehian Empire, the Minevehian Conglomerate, or something along those lines (but no democratic or republics, because this is the BC’s before even Rome or Greece rose.
Suing for Peace, Surrendering, or Signing a Treaty
If you feel you have lost too much, or you just do not have the resources required to last any longer, you can take any of these options. For the more desperate of us, there is surrender. Surrender cannot be ignored by the civilization being surrendered to, and will result in the one surrendering being forced to donate 1 army and 5 AEPs. For those of us who know they are in a bad position but have too much pride to give up valuable resources, there is the option to Sue for Peace. If your suit is considered and accepted by the enemy, the war ends and everyone keeps current possessions. However, the person being sued for peace can deny and keep fighting the other. If two large Empires are at each others neck or for countries that are more civilzed, you can sign a treaty. This is more of a conventional method that allows for each country to make demands and agree with or deny. However, if a country feels they do not need to sign an armistice, they can continue fighting until either side surrenders, or is lost to the sands of the Near East.

How Vassals and Allies Will Work

At the very start of the game, there will be a few set alliances and vassal states. Throughout the game, civilizations will be able to form these under their own terms. There is one main difference between the two. An alliance is when two civilizations band together and agree to set terms. Alliances are often made after wars, or because of the terms of a Treaty that has been signed. Rules of alliances can be that one faction must give a set amount of EPs everyday.

Applying to Join and Starting Date

If you think this would be a fun activity (as I certainly do) you can leave a reply or send a message to me stating what country you would like to be. Remember, this is a first come, first serve basis, so if you are too late for your favorite country, you can try and arrange something (like making a vassal state or closely aligned state) or choose another one.
This activity will start as soon as
We find 4 or more people willing to take part in this awesome experience.

Please consider my idea for a whole new and awesome Role-Playing Campaign, and I hope to see you in the unending sands of the Middle East.


I’m down for this, lol
I have always liked a more primitive style of warfare, when nations where still trying to figure out ways to improve their armies by making new types of armor, formations, and weapons!


I guess I will claim Babylon… They are far away from the Hittite Empire, and the Kingdom of Egypt so along with their fertile land, and “blank” territory surrounding them, it would generally be an easy role to play (unless someone wants to bs their way through the desert that is mostly uncharted).


Like my economy rules man?
Are they dank enough?


Yeah, they are really creative :smiley:


I’ve marked you down as Babylon, want an alliance with Egypt?


Yes, that would secure my left flank from any major invasions… But then again, a mighty ally is a shady ally


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And the fact I left it up shows I have more courage than he’ll ever have.


Likewise, when I lost my Roma, I was devastated, and to make matters worse, people made fun of me for loosing it :P.


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What If I say I won no battles ?? This probably doesn’t matter but u know


That is the “Catch 22” of this. I would prefer you say all the battles you won, because anything otherwise is only hurting you. However, if you have actually won no battles, that is fine to say. Will you be choosing any country?