Age of War: Bronze Age Role-Playing Campaign


Yeah ,America :3
Also I have to put 20 characters so heehhehehehhehehehehhehehehe


Uh, sorry, it has to be on the map…


The closest to America would be the Mycenae, who were basically the precursors of the Ancient Greek city-states.


Ew… Who would want to be America anyways? :neutral_face:


Idk, definitely not me…


Jay and I are starting to rally the vassals, and we are looking to new people to join in on this… But we are going to try and get me unbanned from Lott in order to declare war on the people who have tried to suppress us. You are welcome to join if you wish, make sure to tell others as well if you can…
Für das Vaterland


But America is a free country besides also maybe this is rude to say but I hate Japan even know what they did to China is all in the past but Ima look at da map :3


i wont say you can’t believe that, but that happened a long time ago. Almost everyone from that period is dead or dying. I think that people just dwell on things that should be forgotten. Just because someone’s grandad was a murderer, doesn’t mean they can’t help the ppor


I would like to claim te Mittani and serve some sort of peace keeping rule between Hittite and the Assirians and Babilonians, I will stay neutral for the time being.


And i have one more question, are there any other states that i can still clain. Vassals not included, is the city of susa still available?


Another question is: how will the communication work and i dont quite get alliances. But the rest is clear. And also good job with this.


You will not be able to have a peace treaty with Assyria or Hatti, because they have no rulers yet. For an alliance with the Babylonians, contact Vultbloop.


You cannot claim more than one state.


Communication will be with the player that owns the faction you wish to talk with, and all formal affairs will be carried out through PM. To PM, click on someones name or icon and hit message.

Alliances will be treaties of a friendly nature that both countries agree to. If you want a treaty with Babylon, then you will PM the leader (Vultbloop) and ask for a treaty. Treaties can have forms and agreements. A treaty might require one country to give 5 MEPs a day, or whenever someone attacks, they join. Any treaty that clarifies that they are in it together and are equals and will help eachother, is an alliance.


Oh haha i am not from the usa or uk so i thought that vacant was the name of a player… So stupid
Now knowing that will claim not mittani but the
Mycenaean Confederaty


I’m down. That’s gonna be lit


Nice to hear! Which civilization would you like?


I would like to try it. I would like take the
Hittite Empire


Poor Thrace, lol, it seems their bronze gord helms and falxes aren’t attracting anyone ;-;


The sad thing is that everywheree I look it doesn’t have any names for Thracian Cities during the Archaic period… I guess they’ll just be on the map, watching everything happen ;-;