Age of War: Bronze Age Role-Playing Campaign


lol, I could load up Rome Total War for you and look at some of the names, I am sure the name’s didn’t change that much, plus, whenever you build a capital you tend to expand outwards, so the cities around it would probably be from around that era


And So It Begins…

Now that four players have joined our campaign (with a 5th choosing) we are able to begin our long journey through the Archaic Near East, the birthplace of civilizations. It is the time when many Empires were at the top of their extension, the two most notable being the Civilization of the Nile, Egypt, and the Empire of Anatolia, the Hittites. But the importance of the smaller nations should not be forsaken, for they have the capability of toppling a great Empire, and taking the glory for themselves. Who knows, maybe we will see the Great Empire of Illios, or the Grand Civilization of the Lukka… Only time will tell.

Our journey will set out on May the 12th. Be prepared.

Things to Remember
If you undergo ANY diplomatic relations, notify me, so that I can mark it down and keep track of all of the developments that occur during this campaign.

Did You Miss Signing Up? Don’t Worry!
If you wanted to join but didn’t see this in time or just didn’t HAVE the time to ask to join a civilization? That’s fine! All non-player owned nations will be under protections, and cannot be interacted with until a player claims it.

See all of you below me once Egypt rules the Near East.


I did remember that the Thracian’s loved their port cities, so that helped narrow down the search for the map


The problem with those name is how Greek sounding they are, which gives me an idea. I might make a nation called Thracian Mycenaean Colonies, with some of these names on it.


Meh, Thrace was its own culture, and nation with lots of differences between the Greek city-states, as they had Macedonia separating them. They had more ties to Dacia, Armenia, and Persia than greece, dammit, I just realized that Macedon was dark blue, and the Athenian league was bright blue, but yeah, they still had some cultural differences, as well a differences in their military “loadout” and tactics


This map you showed has many Greek names, and after I did some research, I saw how many Greek colonies existed in Thrace. There just aren’t enough realistic source. This whole campaign is supposed to be historically accurate, and at this time, Mycenae was shrinking, but it was still growing, and many sources (along with our most accurate friend, Wikipedia) agree the Thrace had many ties to Mycenae


Like… Take this Peltast for example
he has more Armenian/Persian style armor on instead of a greek style of uniform


Yeah but that isn’t the name of the city.


Indeed, I am speaking for cultural differences (there wheren’t many in my opinion) and military differences


The capital? I could try and find that


I never said that all Thracians were Greeks, I just said that my best sources agree that Mycenae had many ties and colonies with them, and basically no sources depict real Thracian Tribal cities, as they kept away from a urban life.


Even the Black (Odryssian) cities on the map have Greco-Mycenae names.


indeed, but they had some nice soldiers… Thracian mercenaries where used by Rome and Macedon I believe, and I would imagine that Greece used them from time-to-time when they needed them. Why not allow them to be more of a mercenary faction, until we can find more stuff for them


But I still don’t get out a mercenary faction would work. I did it for the Sea Peoples, but I don’t really know how they will perform? Maybe you could trade any non-military economy point for an MEP?


But isn’t it cool how the campaign will launch soon? We’ve got basically 5 whole players and tons of opportunity. I wonder what the future might hold…


A mercenary faction would kinda be like a rebel faction in a total war game I guess, more so Shogun II I guess, they could be enemies to everyone except to who is paying them to fight… Picture it as having a mercenary army, but way, way more expensive. I am not sure how they would have a working economy, but they could make a lot of their income through raids, and being paid by nations to fight for them… If you make anything like technological advancement (it would be kinda hard, but fun) they could get free technology points from raiding advanced factions, but for Economy points, I am not sure how a mercenary faction would get trade, but for Agricultural points they could get more from (again) raiding other factions (but for this I would recommend raiding factions that are on their last limb, or just generally too weak to defend themselves). MEPs should be fairly easy to obtain for the mercenary factions, as they are built for fighting, really, so like you said they could be able to trade other points they have extras of in order to get more MEPs, but for this I would suggest you write a value list for the other EPs, (1 CEP = 2 MEPS, ect.). But these are just suggestions :smiley:


You never specified how many MEPs we start out with :\


My idea is that since they would have no places to earn MEPs, they could just have an infinite amount that they can ONLY TRADE, not use. I was actually just thinking about having a technology system. I guess great minds think alike.


I never did add any starting out armies and EPs…

That’s fixed


kk, thanks, lol… So yeah, the tech points would be for more agricultural stuff, not military, as it doesn’t really do anything in battle, oh, and for civil points you could increase your skills in making stuff, such as bronze ingots, or mining raw bronze and iron (maybe even pottery and marble). This would be a great thing for having trade, nations should have starting skills with stuff, like… Pottery and stuff… I am really tired, lol, let me just get to the point…
Egypt has a lot of Gold, but doesn’t have a lot of… umm, something the Hittites have, but the Hittites don’t have a lot of gold, but they both need what the other has, so they pay a lot for what they dont have, by trading what they have/dont have, they are able to make things like better tools, buildings, ect.