Age of War: Bronze Age Role-Playing Campaign


Egypt and the Hittites trading as friends? NONSENSE

But I get the idea. I’ll add that it tomorrow. I’m actually really hyped for this campaign to begin. If this is a success, be prepared to see Age of War: The Elephants of Carthage or Age of War: The Fall of an Empire (Rome’s fall with Huns and stuff).


In a way this is kind of a Beta build for the Age of War Samurai Wars Campaign platform, to make sure it can run smoothly and all.


Spartan civilization. To cool


If that’s not a choice then I’ll take any remaining civilizations left


By the way how does one sign up for this


The only choices are the civilizations marked with “vacant” as the owner. And the Spartans didn’t even exist during the Bronze Age.


You should choose your civilization.


You sign up by just saying that you claim a faction and BAM signed up.


Do i As the mycaeaeaeaenean (this name is killing me) confederaty control my vassals?


You will control your vassals loosely. They will not be able to play a part unless they are controlled by someone, so I’d encourage you to get a friend to become one (maybe the Mycenaean Colonies) so that you can reap the benefits of owning a vassal. However, since it has no player controlling it, it will not play any part in the game, so you can just ignore them and launch attacks on your closest player, the Hittites under Emperor Potato_Guy. Right now I am working on two things. A way to get a sort of Tech System and Trade, and a system so that you can fight non-player controlled civilizations.


I would like to have this nation. :point_down:t4:
Illios (Hittite Ally) Claimed by: Vacant
Troy (Tier 3 Capital)
Nicaea (starts as Farming Village)
when does this game start and will it be on phone.


This game will start on the twelfth of May and will be for Samurai Wars




If you attack him, I will join the war against you and your ally. I hope you are experienced in the game, and updated on strategies.


Potato you shouldn’t of said that on my post…


Oh, nevermind then. I thought the egyptians were alone. No gold for me then.


I need more land anyways


oh, please do, as I said I would like more land


Nooo my land!!!


Yes, your land…