Age of War: Bronze Age Role-Playing Campaign


Nooo the future of my people!! I will take your land and take babylon!!!


lol, k, have fun with that…


Google what happened to the Babylonian Empire in 1595 bc :grinning:



How is this going to work on samurai wars if tht game is only based off of samurai


We can do it don’t give up. :joy:


We will fight the battles on this, and diplomacy here. You won’t be able to see your cities, but you can fight your battles.


I don’t care what happened to them in history, this is not really a timeline accurate game, I guess, if it was then we shouldn’t be able to declare war on people we want, and make our own cities


Antrhibg can happen😋


Oh does it now? I would love to see you try to beat me, and egypt


Who knows what will happen


I know what will happen, you loose several cities and your army will be decimated


Learn how to speak around powerful people, kiddo


Wait your serious about this? I thought we were roleplaying


We got this cause all great nations fall sooner or later.


I am normally always serious, when you go through what I go through, it’s hard to role-play, as normally everything is serious, so therefore I am almost always serious.


The only time I will fall is if I suffer an economic collapse or lukmanuel joins a faction, in which case you guys fall too


Alright, i was joking around so dont take the previous comments seriously


Oh, we will take it very seriously. Also, the games start today. Have fun!


This is so cool, seeing so much support for my idea! :smiley: :heart_eyes: