Age of War: Bronze Age Role-Playing Campaign


Wow, which topic has the most replys?


How do i make armies and navies


Look at the Economy points n stuff


“Farming Village
If selected on producing any of these, farming villages will produce this much:
IEPs per day: 0
CEPs per day: 2
AEPs per day: 6
MEPs per day: 2”

How does a farming village get IEPs if t can’t produce any and how will it be able to upgrade said farming village if it doesn’t produce any IEPs?


Nevermind to the last question.

If u don’t have a capital to start with can u ever get one or no and if u set a town on producing something can u ever change it to produce something else or no?


You can change it, and every faction has a capital to start with. When you invade, you must take every city and save the capital for last.


Oh ok thank u. I was just making sure cause it didn’t say if I did or didn’t start with a capital when I checked. Thx


Capitals generate things to right


Nevermind the last question


I upgraded my farming village to a town. I’m going to set my town on producing IEPs.


Setting my capital to produce AEPs


Hattisas Tier 3 Capital IEP
Ankuva City CEP
Kanesh Town CEP
Mersin Farming Village AEP
Karkamesh Town AEP
Aleppo Farming Village AEP
Kadesh/Qadesh Town AEP
Ugarit (upgraded to major city) MEP


It is really important


Also, when you give me numbers for EPs make sure you tell me your new balance of everything. Tell me what it is then, not what it will be the next day.


Hattisas in now a Tier 4 Capital, along with Memphis


Do i have to notify on what points i am setting my cities on and witch i upgrade and so


Yes, and you should also keep a record yourself


Mycenae(upgrate to tier 4 capital)-Mep


EPs for May 14, 2016:


There is a problem, the hitties are not on the list of countries. I cant look at my amount of navies and armies and i cant look at my cities