Age of War: Bronze Age Role-Playing Campaign


im changing Halicarnassus to IEPs


In down too it really gonna be lit i gotta make peace I ain’t trying to get destroyed


U gotta talk with potatoguy cause he the one in charge of letting people into the alliance or not


Game math

Tier 3 Capital(AEPs)
IEPs per day: 4
CEPs per day: 3
AEPs per day: 5-
MEPs per day: 4

If selected on producing any of these, towns will produce this much:
IEPs per day: 2-
CEPs per day: 3
AEPs per day: 4
MEPs per day: 3

5 IEPs-
10 CEPs
11 AEPs-
5 MEPs
-4 AEPs everyday

Starting armies: 2
Starting navies: 0


He can join________________


Thts good the more the merrier


If you guys could keep track yourself that would be nice…




I just literally cannot find the time to update this myself. BUT REMEMBER: always tell the truth, like if you fall into a depression or a food shortage, report that to me


Has everyone been keeping track?


I would like to make a new city. I have the IEPs. Sorry if you don’t want these kinds of things reported. New cities seems like something you should know



My storage


You guys are like the only ones keeping track… I am seriously considering dropping this campaign and
making a new campaign in a different time period that I could make even cooler. What do you think?


You can do that_____


Sorry I meant Its alright


Ok, I guess I’ll make it official

Due to lack of Participation from most, I have decided to

Discontinue Age of War: Bronze Age

However be aware that more Age of War campaigns will be made, with the next one being

Age of War: Medieval Asia

It will include things such as the Japanese with samurai and all, the Chinese, the Koreans, and many many more, all without needed to use very much imagination to make the battles feel right!


Wow this is exciting


Im down for doing this seems really fun. I never liked games where people just make tons of armies and not upgrading their troops and winning in wars and battles by stradgedy.


It ended and because of some family issues the previously planned and half finished Asian Wars will probs never be finished…


I would like to take part in this but don’t know what nation to be so could u select for me? I won’t mind being a vessel state