American Civil War/Revolutionary War


I’ve always thought the musket units would lend themselves well to a civil war or revolutionary war design. There isn’t much out there with this gaming style involving those time periods. Just wanted to share and see if anyone else felt the same way! Thanks for your time.


I have honestly designed several maps before suited specifically for interesting firearm warfare, it would be interesting to see a few early access users engaging in a few of these for sport, but sadly I just enjoy these on my own in sandbox mode. Though I do say it can be quite lengthy with the accuracy so low in low numbers near the half way mark, can get a bit funny to with the random deaths at odd points because I didn’t brush stroke the ground right and a samurai begins climbing up a mountain to get assaulted by about two dozen musketeers. If you have any possible tactics or ideas to make these little sessions more interesting I would love to talk!


Hey sorry for the late reply! Certainly the accuracy would have to be adjusted. It would be neat if distance to the target played a factor in a units accuracy. And yes having a good handful of units would be a maneuvering challenge but would add a lot more flexibility to an engagement and what tactics could be implemented. Would just love to see this game or similar with a little more fluidity and room to grow. Any idea what the developer is up to?


Currently last I knew several togglable features such as buildings for custom maps, reworking a few maps and adding in cannon units I have heard, also working on adding new features to the forums and I think he was working on advanced unit placement soon or he may be on it now. But in the meantime if you have enough patience with the map editor (sandbox mode) you can design some pretty awesome scenarios, and just like chess you can test every tactic you could think an enemy would throw and simulate your own possible counter movements. This itself helped me go from using my entire army in a battle to at times only four or five well placed units. And I didn’t mean to sound rude in game but I was really looking forwards to a good conversation using firearms related troops.


Also my maps are green always.


A very common bug :confused: usually comes with heavy usage of the servers at times or when you are receiving low internet speeds from your tower. Which is half the time for me, poor Verizon…