Any A1 clans recruiting?


Just wanted to see what clans are open.


The Mercenary Army would happily accept you into our ranks.


Thank you, I take up on your gracious offer Thruzan.


Did you accept ?


Yes I did Fireweaer. Also on a side note you have quite the engrossing name.


Aha thanks . Its a good clan you can learn a lot from thruzan here. If you see me around the chat dont be afraid to say hi! Im up for a friendly match :slight_smile:

You can ask thruzan to teach you the more advanced mechanics if you already know the basics. Or me if im online.


Okay will do and I’ll see you around.


If this game was ranked the truth is I would be top even The best of the best in this game :ocean:
Would not compare to my win streaks🍯