Any good clans I could join?


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There you go, we’re a clan.
Not really into roleplays.


JOIN THE Hervegoia - Ruheland Birodalom today to be the leader of a whole army!


Any people who join now will be the leader of a whole army, so join now to secure your position as a large figure in the Hervegoia - Ruheland Birodalom!


Hey there :persevere::heart:️:persevere::heart:️:family_man_man_girl_boy::heart:️:busstop::heart:️:fist:t2::fist:t2::heart:️:busstop::heart:️:heart:️:morocco:


Hello, is it me your looking for? (hope you get reference to song)


You actually are into role playing :3 the fact that you think your role as a military leader is real … IT Is role playing . Every time you play a game you take on the role of the characters… Therefore you … Are… a … Role player


You basically meant there should be no hierarchy anywhere or it is defined as β€˜Roleplaying’.


That’s not necessarily what role-playing is.


Hi there, I just started playing samurai wars after I deleted it, how do I join a clan?


There is no better clan but You can join any clan , just apply on their page , also ! know that no clan is better then another :slight_smile:


I’m currently recruiting for Woodland Realm, everyone who uses archers well is guaranteed a spot!


The Asskicking Clan, sir, The Asskicking Clan. Join The Asskicking Clan if you have any Asskicker in you. Report to The Asskicker and join The Asskicking Clan if you are man enough to lead, follow, or get out of the way. That is all.


Join the Mercenary Army. A Clan for the great WarLords of the Samurai.



Can I join ure clan


Sure, you can.