Anyone remember me?


Where the old school players at?


I remember your name, but I think you were before my time.


Yeah your name looks familiar.
I used to play with Jay Arh, Fireweaver, Luk, 420fied


I remember 420fried’s name, lol. Fireweaver taught me the basic strategy to this game. I don’t think any of those players are still active. Nox was quite active until recently.


Youngsters of the community are just sitting there awkwardly as they watch the vets reunite.
(ಥ ͜ʖಥ)


I’ve never herd of Nox, was that Vultbloop?


My bad, 2 difference players


He is Dhampir, but maybe he came later.



I think Nox used to be Rushing123, he has been playing for a while but I never saw nox until recently.


I’m a new player​:ok_hand::+1:


Im not I know you all from discord


Well you mentioned Jezzadajesta during one match a few weeks ago, like: “You should have played Jezzadajesta!”, for some reason whatever that might have been! Well I did…


Because you both employ the run and shoot strategy.


:slightly_smiling_face: ook


He tried to teach me a lesson on the importance of range! Imagine!