Are there other ways of getting beta / early access?


I love this game, and when I found out that it was possible to host 6-8 player matches on custom maps I knew I had to get beta. However, the website that you are required to donate through will not open if I tap the link at the end of the process in this app. I would like help figuring out another way of donating or maybe just figuring out what I said going wrong. Thanks.


Oops typo; I meant just figuring out what is going wrong.


Go on line, its easier.


Also note that there’s a difference between beta and early access.

The Beta is for trying out new features and improvements (Sign up for beta here)

Early Access is for trying out the premium service for hosting custom matches (


Oh, and about the app crashing when you click the link in-game: it’s a bug. It’s on the list of things to fix (similar to crashing when trying to change your profile icon). Meanwhile, visit the page from your regular browser.


Ok, thank you. I would like to to gain access to premium and I do not mind making a donation to this awesome game.


Roger that sir and hooah


I’d like to join the beta please