Are you interested playing a tournament?


This topic is for feedback from players wanting to participate in a tournament. With enough interest we can set up a section here on this forum for organizing a tournament. Reply and let us know what you think!


I would love to be part of a tournament


i want a tournament id love it


I would love to be a part of a tournament


Tournaments sound like a great idea!


Great to see there is interest in a tournaments! I’m working hard on a maintenance update which will be needed to run tournaments. Also we need a few people volunteering as referees.


I wouldn’t mind being a ref


Yes. I would love to play in a tournament! Also can I be a referee?


Yeah tournaments would be coooL


Tournaments would be interesting. Also the concept of PRIZES in the game open up a whole new world. For example you could get first prize and next game you start off with extra katana units. Or just increase the numbers in each unit in general.


Yes, I think tournaments would be an interesting addition to this game, but I think the prize should be like you get a special title (I.e. “Shogun” for first and “Emperor” for second?) not like a real bonus like more units, because winning shows that your already super good, being given extra units would make u OP.


tournaments would be amazing for this game.


Let’s do it, I would love to


Veni, Vedi, Vici

Ill see yall in the tournament, good luck!


tournaments sound fantastic although if there going to be prizes its should be like names ontop of yours name showing off and being able to change letters colors


I’ve done my share of battles and have enough victories in my opinion to be considered a ref


That’s great! As developer, I don’t have to time to run the tournament myself, so we need one or two members to organize this and act as referees. First thing is to decide on the tournament format and rules. Any ideas?


Is the tournament going to be in-game or through the forums? In any manners, I’d like to participate


It will be organized in its own forum topic, for signing up, scheduling matches, and reporting results. It’s the referee’s job to host the match in-game, with a dedicated tournament map (not one of the standard ones), and invite the participating players, and finally report the outcome.


The tournament should be the classic “piramid” way. Two players(teams, groups, I’ll explain it further apart) compete, the winner goes to the next stage(?)
So now, we have to think about where and how will the tournament roll out. Don’t think about the players’ skills, rather, making the elements each other has at the begining are equal.
So… As if it was the Olympics: make different competitions. Battle in the plains, Battle in the hills, Battle in a mountain, Battle with a middle river, Battle in a random manner.
Make different pools, as the number of people participating increases, it will be harder to organize the games. Sort out people in a random manner (any ideas on how sort’em?) After there are four players left on each pool, they now should be mixed again and battle until the first, second, third and fourth of the mixed pools are left. The winners!
Create schedules for each battle in the tournament. Make them in a convenient manner. Not everyone is in the same time zone (Im traveling, and right now Im in Korea XD). We should decide the times after we decide the pools and clasifications of each player. Make them fill a format: game ID, email address, their schedule (when can they battle), which battle they want to compete in, blah blah, the basic data you need. With the info we gathered, we should be able to plan when will the battles will roll out.
Create different manners of a battle: individual, team, teams that represent different factions of the roleplayin section, etc etc.
About the game. The game should really be stable if we expect a lot of people. The refs should have like a purely red profile picture or a different text color in the game chat.
Guess that should cover the surface :sweat_smile::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: