Are you interested playing a tournament?


oWelcome to Korea , I sugggest Visiting the National museum in Yongsandong , Seoul. That has a variety of ancient maps ,armor, weapons and other ancient works of art of Korean history.

Anyway concerning the Tourney* , There should definately be a 2v2 and 1v1 instead of the regular 1v1. Where you pick a partner and fight other teams to climb the ladder until reaching the top .


Heheh, technically it is “Welcome Back”. I am korean, though live in Mexico. Just visitin’. And I think that just the street of InSaDong is much better. A little tour through the chinesetourist-filled streets of JongLo hahah, so beautiful. Thanks!
And yes I have mentioned it: individuals, team, team that represent roleplaying faction and blah blah blah.


Noice :smiley:

So when do you think that these tourneys will take place?


Rather than an adittion to the game, it should only be a singular event that happens not very oftenly. Keep it in the forums like the roleplay, and keep it often as the olympics(but
But if you want some kind of tournament, we should have a scoreboard: number of kill in practice mode, number of pvp battles, number of pvp victories and loses, and the percentage between these last two numbers. Have like prizes for people who have mantained a constant stat of increasing percentage of victories over loses over a certain period, and yes, award them titles!


Eventually I plan to integrate automatic tracking of tournament, ladders and other competitions, but that’s long term. Ladders would be great to automate, they are a nightmare to track manually.

For now, I had in mind something simple to get going, like as you suggest a manually organized pyramid tournament, 1-vs-1, with say 20-40 slots (depending on interest). It should have simple rules and a catchy name, and the prize is a forum badge (gold, silver, bronze), awarded to the winners.


Mm! Badges! That seems great, but were my suggestions considered? I’d really like ro know XD so excited!


Definitely. We could create a simple google form and give access to selected referees to track the results.


Fur Das Vaterland!


Yes, I would


The tournament is an event run by the community, so we need someone to step up and take charge of this.

As I said, I’m not able to run this myself, but as developer I can help out setting up a dedicated tournament map and army, assigning forum badges, or possibly make other adjustments to the game itself.

I’m not able to implement an automatic scoreboard for now. It’s on the to-do list but will not happen in the near future.


Mmm! I would love to organize the tournament!!!



Now THAT got me got me excited !
123 that looks awesome !


Yes I would love to be in tournement


This is just an individual proposal for the Samurai Wars tournament. The tournament is not an actual part of the game, but rather a contest made through the forums, by the players, in the game to decide the best player in each classification.
The tournament
First of all, we need to get all the players, a list of “who” is in the game. Create a new topic in the forums in the playing section. Make the contestants fill out some forms, in a certain amount of time (e.g. before August 20th)with the following format:
Game ID (forums and in-game)-Timezone (most conveniently, which country) and available times for the contest (this is really important, and the times written shouldn’t be too tight, also, make them write it in their local time)-where you want to fight-if he/she wants to play, individuals, team, or roleplay-a profile photo they will use during the tournament. This should include a tiny “sample” of a color(explained further apart) in the left bottom corner of the photo-
Now that we have the forms filled out we should be able to place them in a chart, just like the ones 123 made.
–The tournament will take on 5 different classifications:
*Forest Hill
*Plains of Practice
*River Delta
*Two rivers
*Random map
–And three different classes:
*Teams (roleplaying factions)

The placement of the participants into the charts should be made randomly, absolute randomness. Make them pick a color, but a well described one (e.g. metallic neon yellow, dark deep magenta, etc). We will compare the colors with each person and pair them. Yellow with yellow, magenta with magenta, the most similar colors possible (yes tedious indeed). The paired players will end up battling in the first round of the tournament. Simple, and random right?

So, this is what we have until now:
the form they will fill out:

Classification-plains of practice
Color-bright buttery magenta

their profile picture

How the games will role out
The tournament should be the classic “pyramid” way. The two competitors will fight until the game marks as “victory” (complete annihilation of the opponent). The winner goes to the next stage and the process is repeated until we can tell who is first, second third and fourth of each classification (yes we will do an extra battle to decide who is third and fourth).
While the battle rolls out, each player is able to call for one “stop battle”, just in case the player’s connection state is unstable. Remember, this is just to make the game fair and should be decided by the staff in the moment
Twelve units seems fine:
Sword cav
Lance cav
2 archers
2 pikemen (1 militia, 1 non militia)
2 swordsmen (non militia)
Staff Members
They have to be honest and neutral, swift and responsible. No need for a Mastermind of strategies. Be cold minded, no matter how much each player cries, there should not be a: ok, you look miserable, so you may pass to the next level. Don’t you dare to do such thing!
In the forums is easy to recognize who is who and what each person does. But during the battle, the chat is horrid to look at, so, the staff should have a pure red profile pictures. No drawings, no words, just the red meaning you are a staff.
As many of us in the forums community have talked about badges. And yes! We should award badges. Send them a jpeg of the badge they have been awarded: gold, silver, bronze and brass (some designs?) so that they can paste them wherever they want in their photo. And also, add them a badge in the forums.

Wallu says:
Hey hi, this is just what I have thought until the moment. If you think I have missed something, please send me a private message XD


Hey Wallu,

You put some great thought into this and I appreciate your enthusiasm. My thoughts on what you have proposed:

I’m not sure if we need the profile pic and the color. If we track their name it should be enough. I think its a great idea, I’m just not sure how many will find it inconvenient.

“Stop battle” is a easier said than done. So maybe some well defined limitations to it. I personally think that a best 2 of 3 would be better and also remove the need for stop battle as you would have multiple chances.

I don’t know how we could do each map as a category either, unless we had each person join and unjoin until they got their map.

Also we cannot change the unit arrangements either again unless joining and the unjoining.

Feel free to pm me to discuss further and I can make the form whenever we decide what is going on it.

I’m guessing that many who sign up will be disqualified for no show so we might want to take that into consideration as well.


I couldn’t agree with you better in all these points, and I didn’t even think of how we could make different categories (any thought on this nikodil?).
But the profile picture could be just a tiny thingy with which you can add a bit more theme, and the colors are for choosing who will battle who in the first round. Any better ideas for ramdom choosing for the first round?
And also, we don’t have to worry for disqualification problems. We will have each battle scheduled. I doesn’t have to be all at a time, in one day in rising order. It is like the olympics. One battle of this category in the morning in this arena, another later in the evening and another in the night.


Cool I’m diggin the ideas lets find people who are up to organize this !! :bow_and_arrow::bomb::crossed_swords:


Wish to organize it! Should we start gathering people in a new topic? You know, make them fill the form?


Yeah let’s do it I’m in for sure
Have plenty of time to help set up in any way