Are you interested playing a tournament?


Anyone interested message me I’ll put your name up on the tournament pic I’ll fix up and post pics up in the new topic letting people know how many players are interested after that we can start setting up the time zones




The tournament forum is up!

I’m no expert but I think this is called a knockout tournament (and slightly different from pyramid tournament). Maybe that could be the name “The Samurai Wars Knockout Tournament”?

No-shows will occur, so the rules have to deal with this. Best of three sounds like a good idea, will probable work better than “stops”. It should be the responsibility of the participants themselves for having good connections and charged batteries.

That kind of diagram works great. The small text should have a more readable font. And if you want to use the “official” title font, you can find it here:


I’m not going to play thank you


We’ll put you down as a ref :checkered_flag:


That was the goal


How are we going to call this entire tournament? And how can I access to the tournament forum?
Are there any ideas on how to make the categories? I’d love to have different classifications…


About the name, something with “knockout” maybe the “Samurai Knockout” tournament or something.

The Tournament forum category works just like the other categories, anyone can read and post here.

If by categories, you mean special map and army selections, it is only possible when someone is hosting the match. Note that the person hosting a match doesn’t need to participate as a player, so that that person could be acting as a referee. I think having more than one category is useful for large tournaments, but if the number of participants is smaller maybe more than one category would be overkill?


So then, let’s gather the refs. Who wants to become a ref? You should have a pretty free schedule and not have any interests on benefits of an indivudual competitor (I mean, be fair). Just a like should be fine…


Samurai wars knockout


please insert me into the tourney thanks


I want tournament me me pick me


I cannot play This tournament due to my inconsistent timetable. I would however love to be a ref


I wonna participate



I would like to be in a tournament


I am interested in the tournament


Please pick me for the tournament


Please fill in the form in the other tournament topic :grin:


I would love to be in the tournament. But it would have to be on the weekend for most people to actually do it just saying