Are you interested playing a tournament?


If people want and are still interested it wouldn’t be too hard for me to set up a tournament bracket system and a hosting set but the trick would be rules and dates so reply to here if you are interested


Yeah that was the tricky thing about setting it up time zones and all that


Tournaments and sieges


Sieges are coming later and I am working on getting tournaments open but I need more responses to the survey and more confirmed people hat can play to make it fun.


I’ll play tournaments
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Tourneys would be awesome heck yeah


I’m only allowed Saturday and Sunday but in holidays everyday so every weekend


Make army selection for it too


I suggest that you be patient . The creator of this game is doing it for free, and he’'s doing it a by himself too. It’s not easy making something like this from the ground up.


Let me be in tournament if it’s on Saturday or Sunday


I could do Saturday also there should be specific game times like 5 min In between game starts

Could I be ref ?

I mean I’m fine if there’s no space open for refs


Would love to


I would be delighted to kick some ass in a tournament!


I’m down for a tournament


One is already going to happen check the announcements


Tournament mode would be great.


is there ever gonna be a tournament i could participate in


centurion titanium i wanna join