Army costomizations


I have an idea for the game . It would be awsome if you could choose what troops were in your army instead of the standard army all the time , to make this fair for people , there would be a money count system , for example ashigaru units could cost 50 and samurai units could cost 70 you may have a total of 1000 money . In this way nobody would have more money than another yet you could add a whole new era of possibilities to the game ! also , in this idea you could save army compositions and such . General would always come with your army for free

My army would consist of a lot of yari samurai and musket ashigaru , 2 calvery units and 2 horse archers. It could be very fun

Also , calvery in this game doesn’t seem realistic. If you could make calvery have a "shock " impact that would make it a lot more fun to use , it could do a lot of initial damage to. Target but do less damage to prolonged mele fighting , also the shock could drop moral to the troops it impacts


Really like that idea like in total war right


Yep , I’ve never played total war but I watch pixilated apolo , also I love history


Me to i watch him


He is one of my favorite youtubers


Ikr i got some tatics frome him


Have you read the art of war?


U there ? Hello


Noo y. Like history but i dont read it alout


I have seen a lot of people say they wish they could have there own army compositions , I believe a money system could make it fair to do :slight_smile: I’ll be on later


Ok i like that alot tho


Army customization is definitely on the to-do list, but as you say, it’s very important that it is balanced and fair.


A customization wold be cool mabe they could be prepicked before u even click to join so that it doesnt effect game flow. Or mabe they can be prepackaged like catagories such as standerd fast or heavy the heavy could have more archers less cav and more of the stronger spears or fast could have more cav and slightly less effective horse arches. Or mabe make the differance only 1 so that people that pick fast dont prolong game by running away from heavy unit or mabe the cav stay the same and only the infintry and range units can be costomized in pacages like one with mor niginata but only. Bows as there projectiles or one with more archers and matchstcks and samurai and less naginata but mabe add more cav mabe 4-5 to keep game able to. go either way depending on the the stratagist only cav should stay the same on each side and your catagories could be picked in catagories like ranged-strong has more match stick and ranged-long can have more longer ranged archers archers inf-heavy could have more nigitana inf-standerd could have mediam speed inf with unit Split inbetween heavy and light and inf-fast could have slightly faster inf and would still carry niginata just not as many as


That’s a cool idea , Maby you could also make yourown presets in sandbox mode, as I said before , my army would have lots of yari and lots of matchstick