Ashigaru and Samurai


Just curious. The only melee ashigaru/peasants/rice farmers I’ve seen are pikes and no yari or katana. Vice versa with samurai. Yari and katana, but no pikes. I guess that makes sense, but it is possible in sandbox mode. Has anyone seen an exception to this in an online game?


Also I’ve never seen any samurai matchlocks.


They are all available in custom mode…


This is the type of class distinction that we must tear down comrade but yeah you are right I noticed that as well


You do not tear down “class distinction”, actually you need “class distinction” to tear down the “class-society”! Young buck idealist…


Completely off subject. If Nikodil does add artillery will it be a weapon of a unit?


eg. samurai a unit. Katana a weapon.


Logic says “yes”, although I haven’t seen so many rice farmers behind cannons! Expet during uprisings…but that takes us back to the topic of class-struggle! HAHA


Guys I think you Bois are forgetting that the game is set in 15-1600s feudal Japan, and that ashigaru peasants were conscripts and rarely worth the good weaponry like a sword b/c they had no idea how to use it, (and the opposite with matchlock Samurai, the samurai thought guns were dishonourable so rarely used them). the ashigarus main purpose was to stand behind their spears (yari) and hold the line, commonly gaurding flanks, and they were never expected to stand alone. So, at least for custom games, the dev has clearly gone with keeping the whole battle structure at least similar to that of the time. Any cannons would probably be operated by peasants conscripted and trained to use them, and even so the they hadn’t quite reached japan yet, an the upper-class samurai still thought them dishonourable and rarely would use them, and also at this time cannonswere to innacurate to be used in anything other than siege warfare, another thing which would be great in the game.

P.S. not to sound snooty, but it’s Naginata, not pike.


Though pike is easier to say


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