Attention Roleplayers (UN)


Any way I have an idea for something in roleplaying like a United Nations (UN)
Where we can vote on thing for roleplaying I have not really had much thought on this idea and I don’t know a lot of Nations but I guess just say “yes” if you like it


That’s what the RP Constitution Is for.



but does anyone remember pars stuff I mean stuff like that if it happens espesally debated things


I know lol just kidding I really don’t care about that thing


Role playing will be better if we can add clans.

Even better if there was a way we can earn points by wagering when we go to war and then we can spend those points on adding more units to your army. That would be cool.

But until the clans are added officially role playing won’t go anywhere.


lol I made something like that in tournaments. Woops.