Battle updates in the future


@nikodil have you thought of adding new troops or anything battle related and if so when do you intend on doing it?


The roadmap looks like this:

Currently focusing stability and the hosting service. When the app crashes I get a crash report from Google / Apple, I’ve fixed many of them but there are still some to track down and fix. The hosting service needs to work smoothly with the App Store and the Play Store, and that means keeping track of accounts and subscriptions in a secure and reliable manner. There’s also a long list of details to attend to with the current feature set. I’ve never been good at planning, but if I’m trying to be realistic I’m aiming to finish this part before the end of this year. It’s a bit boring but needs to be done before moving on.

Next I will focus on moddability. With that I mean the ability to add new units. And not just by me, but anyone. I haven’t decided where to start, but eventually there will be modules for the ancient and roman eras, medieval, napoleonics, and so on, and Samural Wars will become one of many modules. I have the design done and hope to be able to start working on this by the end of this year.

After that I will start on the strategic part of the game. It won’t be just a campaign map, but more like a very moddable platform. More on that later.

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Oh okay nice may I suggest adding (whenever you can) a design feature for the maps. Like walls I think it would be a good feature or even any kind of building materials. And also what are your thoughts on making allied troops an enemy troops disappear when in a forest? Or at least the troop types dosent show to your enemy ie the blue circles?


Both structures / fortifications and fog-of-war are very important features to be added, don’t know when yet.


Oh bet I’m already excited about that


i would love to be able to have a bridge up there


I must say that this roadmap looks awesome and I wish you best luck developing this all. I am very excited to see all the new features in the future!


Do you still play my friend?