Best player ive played


This guy beat me like no one



By the way all troops on screen at his


Oh comon…that guy I beat for breakfast…before breakfast


Well maybe it’s cuz he rushes before I form up


Form up faster…


He does a centurion time attack hay he fights just like cent you don’t think he might be doing what he said nox was I mean playing on a loged off account


Lol i dont need practice on you :smiley::smiley::smiley::grin::grin::smile: i could beat u if i quit playing for weeks


I have seen that player play vs Centurion. And by the way lets leave that embarrasing accusation in the past, it really doesn’t deserve further attention!


:joy: I haven’t lost to any simple player yet. Well, I might have, but it is very rare


I quit for 5 months cent not weeks


Define “simple player”?


Exactly I have beaten Danasoto a large number of times without losing any battle to him and now he is a top player he must have gotten really good


Cause he listens and applies instruction unlike u scipio dane has got talent


Oh so now you are an expert on who has talent and who hasn’t! Even worse, you give verdicts all of a sudden!? Sad to see a soldier turn into an administrator, but even sadder to see a soldier turn into a judge…


Meanwhile the one constantly judging speaks on an observer :grin: and if you call my observations as administrative i guess, just like you can say a player is no good i can also say i think people i observe to have talent are talented .


Cent if you guys like him so much why did he split from you HSC is decided lol No Mas is do best now


Lol it was my idea to split idiot, i like the challenge dont speak on things you dont know! And no mas is the best. :grin::grin::grin::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::joy::joy::smile::smiley::sweat_smile::joy:


First of all Scipio, we only battled once and I won that one battle. That was the battle before you went missing for a long time


Oh wait, Scipio, I meant thrice. Including you in the form of Player #4244