Beta for Android bugs 02/20/2017


Hey Nik,
Here are some bugs I noticed on the Android version of the current release of the beta.

  1. When you close the app, the music continues to play. You have to kill the task to stop it.
  2. The in-game sounds are not under the media volume of the sound control. They are under the call volume. However the background music is under the media volume.
  3. While playing, the screen randomly resets to default zoom.
  4. Selecting units is fairly difficult. You might have to adjust the selection assist…
  5. When making maps, continuous dragging around the screen with with continuous contact severely drops frame rate. However when I attempt to do the same while doing short drags or swipes the frame rate is fine.
  6. When I tap on the map editor menu, the touch goes through the menu editing the map behind it. Eg. I touch on the tree edit button and it elevates the terrain behind that button.
  7. When I save maps and reopen them, parts of the map have added land or water which causes nocrossing terrain. Like those little spots that hinder movement and catch your units.
  8. I’d I tap on my tasks button to show all the different apps open, the game freezes but the menus and such still work. The game remains freezed on the screen no matter what even though I can leave the match and go through the play menu thingy.
  9. When choosing my units to deploy, if I take too long the match won’t start.
  10. The matches on the side of the screen do not resize properly according to my current DPI.
  11. There is a little broken image thingy in each match displayed on the right.

Thanks for your hard work man,


Ive had problems with 5,6,7 as well


What device and android version are you using?


Android 6.0
Infinix Hot S which I believe uses an MTK chipset.



Galaxy J7, version 6.0.1


On number seven, ive found that erasing land solves the problem. Hope this helps.


Ive had a problem like 2 but now i no longer have the in game sounds


Iv had problem no six and a few other ones


Also for the bugs: on current version almost no FPS even with a device known to run console modern games at 35-40FPS and in GAM and forums keyboard glitch registering letters not types nor near supposed registered key, and keyboard covers the entirety of the chat box, making it both in portrait and landscape un-reviewable causing horrible grammatical errors and trouble of typing. O do not meant this rude, they are simply effecting my enjoyability to a severe degree. Also it seems the lag causes troops movements viewing MP battles and custom map design a total flop, I sprint across the field or units move choppy and in map mode editor I get this horrible mountain of terrain growth even with me using an external drawing pad and animated cursor to improve the response and accuracy of my strokes. What was supposed to be a map of the himilayan alps in a slight customized fashion for a mountain pass that funnels troops to a valley causing extended rough warfare that challenges the players to become a huge rough unrealistic mountain of green where archers fall to their undenyable doom.