Big mute sighn from chat obstucting game view


The chat obstructs my view and when i click on chat to remove words and mute a player so i dont see the words the mute wont go away and sits in the middle of my screen i. Have latest update and love this game and depth it has the controls need a sort of tap and tap to compliment the tap and drag feature the tap and tap would be usefull during fleeing moments or for straight points to move army when ur not consurned about turrain rout i have android.


Can you help please


this is what happens


OK, I’ll check out the mute panel.

I will have to think about the double-tap-to-move gesture, it’s a good idea but it might interfere with other gestures, … hmmm


Ok thank you.i dont think it would interfere if its a single tap and tap. Since there is no gesture for a single tap exept when ur moving to stop but i think thats a double tap that doesnt seem to work on new version but mabe if you are stationed then that feature could work or insted of the double tap to stop u could just make that stop a single tap and if theres no immediate second destination it takes it as hault and if a fallow up point is true then the destination would be second point tapped when unit is tapped it activates single tap feature and i dont think in would interfere with pan. Or zoom


I was also wondering if theres a way to move more then 1 unit simultaneously


You can tap-and-hold to activate multi-unit selection. Then tap on additional units to select and move.


Thanks i just figured it out a few hours ago i was always double tapping but completly missed to click and hold to activate it completely opens up a whole new way of playing like sending troops in formations to attack enemy’s troops u have the greatest app I’ve ever played but i was wondering why theres no score keeping as far as our own wins and losses i would like to see my own score to seeif i can reach personal goals like say 20 wins and no losses or to see if i can win ten in a row because it adds to the many layers of this game and motavate myself to play more strategic or play more bolder and play more unfimiliar tactics but u should also make it so we can rest our own score or mabe do a level up every 100 victory’s and the levels are infinate that would motivate me to play even more to upgrade my level but it is a complete great game the way it is