Bigger maps and objectives?


So will there be objectives like " defend the Great Wall of china :cn: or defeat the mongols or last 15 mins or attack the flank " missions ?? Story or campaign? Bigger maps ??


Yes, right, and actually, I’m currently restructuring the code to make it possible to add these features later on.

Small progress update: The command bar is almost done, the plan was to make a beta already, but I encountered some hairy threading issues and I need to complete this restructuring and “untangle” some old spagetti code before being able to do the beta.


I thank you and respect you for responding I love the community …you shall count me as a long term player if this game and contribute to the community …

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To the game not. If sorry for the typo


Also will there be sieges ?? /siege equipment @nikodil

Sorry to bug u must get annoyed by all the recommendations


Sieges are very different, very assymetric, and will need a whole different approach to work. But I have some ideas how to solve that.


Cool great game bro