Bitch made for real


After winning noumerous times n having lost a battle for the first time against this “hero” here…I got the cold shoulder! hmmmm

I think we should have add some victory point


The shannanigans continued throughout the day!


Andof course we have to add, Sepuku took “camping” to a whole new level! This was for at least ten minutes…its good to be cautious but shhiiieett


Would you please stop creating a few new threads per day just bashing someone else maybe just make one thread called THE GREAT BASHER and put everything there @chikacrni


Whats it to you how many forum threads I create?


But u know…maybe I’ll do just that…mofers posting on that territory shit every time I lose, but not when I win…makes me look bad!


its just annoying to see every day a new thread for nothing nothing personal


Dont get so annoyed


yes ok i wont


this enough??? everyday a few more


Ok shut the hell up…its not a few a day! But if you continue nagging, bringing it up I might start posting…ok! So relax yourself, dont get annoyed…if you do dont tell me! Have some milk!


is this going to make you post ???


I dont know…we’ll see…keep provoking!


ok ill try its hard if you dont create pointless threads


The threads are annoying. Their frequency is certainly inappropriate for a forum setting. Notice how when you make a thread it suggests similar threads.

The problem is that you are diluting content. It seems you don’t like some of the rp threads, maybe you just don’t like the players who participate in them. This is not a good reason to make a bunch of shit posts that never stick around long enough to get a bunxh of comments. Now that you are getting attention do you really want your legacy to be remembered in a thread titled, “Bitch made for real”?

You are a good general and worthy of my respect in that regard. I think we would all appreciate it if you kept your marks of prowess in a single thread.


Don’t get me wrong. I like you and respect your skill at this game. I even see a powerful message in the frequency of your posts. Still they are cluttering the forums. People will give you the respect you deserve if you act with respect in this area.


Ya’ll might have a point…thats why I started “the mongol horde” thread…a week ago! But its ok to be remembered for “bitch made…”


he seems to hate runners


Surely you, if not intelligent, are at least not dum enough to not see or understand the difference between pointless running and running with the ambition to kite the opponent to death!? Even moreso to see the difference between the content of this thread and what you just wrote! That was first of all!

Second of all I killed off three of your units in 5 minutes while kiting, so this “oooh I dont have time to play for hours” shit won’t fly, you gave up after that third unit routed in the fifth minute!

Third of all, thank you for posting my victory, that was the third in a row and sixth in a row against your little klan you have over there!

Forth of all thank you for continuing the “Bitch made for real” thread as it had been lost for a while and I really want it to be remembered!